The Career Evolution of Kristen Stewart

  • The Career Evolution of Kristen Stewart
In 2004 Kristen showed off her acting chops in 'Speak,' playing the lead role of a high school student dealing with being raped.
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  • Heather Lundberg Spring
    Heather Lundberg Spring

    i this this was one of her best performances... she did an amazing job and you could actually relate with the character. the way she played that role... literally could put you to tears. it not only touched on the issues kids face when starting high school... it also shows the internal struggles she is dealing with and how she feels as if she has no one to talk to... it definitely is a movie it see not only for yourself.. but share it with your children. just my opinion

  • Bilel Xbilel
    Bilel Xbilel

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  • Bilel Xbilel
    Bilel Xbilel

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  • cara

    beautiful movie... she's really great in this one.

  • angel2317

    This was such a meaningful movie, loved it

  • Marianna1

    I love this film, Kristen was amazing :-)