With her striking resemblance to Judy

  • With her striking resemblance to Judy
With her striking resemblance to Judy Garland and a penchant for warbling, Anne Hathaway could fill the ruby red slippers.
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  • Nicole

    Just about every actress who has ever played pre-teen Alice in Alice in Wonderland has been at least in her 20s... why should Dorothy be any different? Diana Ross was in her early 30s when she played the role in "The Wiz" and Zooey Deschanel played the part in her 20s in "Tin Man"... Anne Hathaway would be fantastic.

  • freshup16

    this would be an acceptable match, I think she can sing?

  • Howdi doo
    Howdi doo

    She should be Dorothy definitely!! I see Judy and LIza in her and she's a really good singer. She's got the quirks that Dorothy had in the movie. If Anne doesn't get to play Dorothy then the movie won't be worth watching.

  • dustglitterrain01

    I see it, Anne Hathaway is beautiful, but I think she's a tad' too old.

  • Luís

    No. She is to old! And she is not a good singer.

  • Brian Rommel
    Brian Rommel

    again too old Dorothy is supposed to be 11

  • maddy

    I totally see it! i like this one a lot

  • dafish11

    i dont see it....

  • 2cutie

    I see it.....