Celeb Bikini Bodies: Guess Who?!

  • Celeb Bikini Bodies: Guess Who?!
AnnaLynne & Angel McCord!
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  • Sam

    Beautiful figures on both of them.

  • Paige

    Theyre not toned, idiot. They're waaay too skinny.

  • Paige

    They are way too skinny... They're not toned... Especially girl on the left.

  • gruber

    Another fat girl comment.

  • gypsy

    who ?? again more 12 year old boys

  • blablabla

    Agreed, you know your stuff. I think they both look great.

  • Anjie

    Maybe you can see their collar bones, but if you look closer, you cannot see their breast plates, nor can you see their rib cages protruding. Most anorexics have thighs that do not look that healthy, have their hip bones slightly titled upwards and outwards, don't have ankles that thin (yes I said most anorexics don't have thin ankles because after you starve yourself and/or binge and purge, water retention kicks in for a while hence the laxatives and diuretics). So, based on all of that, they are just health nuts or fitness junkies and if you ever watch interviews or see them train for a 'raise money for cancer run' or marathon, you would know they are most definitely not anorexic or bulimic.

  • Jasei

    ur face is probably more disgusting then there boobs, thats why u criticise them because your insecure. and r u freaking kidding me?? I've seen skinnier legs then that! (witch is not anorexic, and its not nice to call every1 anorexic jst coz ur jeles or smthn' if u look up anorexic u'll see wat it REALY means..) obviously u don't know how normle it is to be that slim! 'obviously'...

  • Antonio

    Thats easy....Just dont eat

  • Antonio

    WAYYYY to skinny...No matter what some of you say...those two are cute but they are starving....and the flat boobs are disgusting

  • Tiffany

    omg.. they're so gorgeous. i would DIE to look like them. <3

  • Mike


  • Simon

    Too Skinny..!

  • Alyssa

    kthxbye - ? did you get your name from a 12 year old? Anorexia is a mental disorder not a name you can call people. Furthermore, since they both have pretty much the exact same body..you can clearly tell that that's just them. That's their genes & how they were made. We can't all be as gorgeous as I'm sure you are..haha please.

  • Alyssa

    I didn't know AnnaLynne had a sister. You can clearly tell that their bodies are in their genes. They have great genetics. Both are very pretty ladies.

  • thatmizz

    not every skinny person is a dumb bitch who starves her self till she's anorexic because she gets brain washed about the way her body should look!! some girls just happened to have a fast metabolism regardless of what they eat, or just the will to hit the gym and stay fit...kinda like fat people, some are blessed with the strength & dedication to hit the gym everyday and to keep a healthy diet, and use slim people as role models and some aren't and just talk bad about slim people!!!

  • thatmizz

    lmao they are toned! and maybe you dont know the definition cus you dont spend any time at the gym instead you spend it in front of ur computer and tv criticising girls who are slimmer than you...all of you with negative comments!!!

  • olderthen13

    They look healthy girls that have naturally thin bodies.

  • Gary Alan Gray
    Gary Alan Gray

    2 bean poles.Ya gotta EAT ladys. Together they make a 2.

  • ym

    Hey eating one lettuce leaf a day doesn't mean you're anorexic! LOL...I bet their combined weight wouldn't even equal a normal healthy woman's weight...

  • Bel

    just because you can see their collarbones, it doesn't mean they're anorexic !! ...they have killer athletic bodies...would love to have a body like them :-) they're as slim as they can be, and it's not their fault they are petite in the hips :-D ...they're toned!

  • fu

    they're sisters you dumbass


    LMAO--- Are you for real? No really--- haha! If they are not anorexic then neither was one of the Olsen twins. For that matter no one has ever been anorexic or ever will be. It's funny how you assume that people who point out that these girls are anorexic are fat, because they recognize a skeleton with skin stretched over it!

  • kath


  • honestly

    Being fit is not anorexia; and a fat girl who doesn't smoke and walks half a mile a day is not fit. Your fat, they're fit, and Lindsay Lohan is related to Jack Skelington

  • pretty

    OMG... I'd die to look like any of those two. They are so not anorexic. Just because they're thin, doesn't mean they're anorexic. They look great!

  • tom

    what they are eating must not be very filling but i would pay good money to watch them

  • bfg666

    They need to eat.

  • kthxbye

    anorexic lesbians with no boobs? gross

  • taylor

    they look really good