Celeb Bikini Bodies: Guess Who?!

  • Celeb Bikini Bodies: Guess Who?!
Britney Spears
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  • Gina

    Poor Brit I been watching her on X factor what happened?

  • mickey

    Mom?? why don't you have any tits?

  • Jessy

    I love Britney Spears for who she is as a person. We all go through our own problems. My only comment I thought when I seen the picture was wow her breasts are a lot smaller then when she was a teenager. We as humans judge, no shame in that. Chose your words wisely, it could be you who we are talking about. You in the public eye! Would you want to think twice before taking your children out? Wonder if the world is watching, waiting for an issue to occur to judge your parenting skills. Could you live daily with everyone watching and maintain your sanity? We are all people. If no one is trying to hurt or deceive you why be so hurtful?

  • spike

    what da ya think....does Brittany shave the beavage?

  • Vanessa

    And you are an idiot - go back to the snakes, they probably miss you!

  • pgazar

    I know. I want to put my face in between her boys right now.

  • Neve

    I think she loved him and he didn't love her. It's what drove her nuts. I recently saw some youtube video where they interviewed her with kfed when he was her husband and he said it like it was. He didn't propose, he didn't answer, he left another woman pregnant while with her and now he regrets his behavior. But in the wake of his insensitive actions, he left a very damaged girl. I was no fan of hers originally but I'm so happy she's getting out of her funk and I'm intrigued by the human psyche and how we can have such an effect on one another in a short period of time.

  • Meredith Costa-Altomari
    Meredith Costa-Altomari

    She just skated her way off the MILF list

  • Israel Sosa Sosa
    Israel Sosa Sosa

    Eres muy fotogenica !!! Gauuu

  • Larry Greenawalt
    Larry Greenawalt

    Why are you enamored with her boobs? Another chat perhaps?

  • Larry Greenawalt
    Larry Greenawalt

    Everyone is so judgemental here. first the girl is sitting in a pool with her kids! I really don't think she is caring whether or not she looks like a young, hip, fresh mom on the block. Second, what the hell do you look like to be so judgemental?

  • Larry Greenawalt
    Larry Greenawalt

    totally uncalled for and I don't care how old you or she is.

  • Larry Greenawalt
    Larry Greenawalt

    If that is true than you may wish to reevaluate your comment because all your doing is proving yourself a bitch and I doubt that's what you had in mind.

  • Brandy Cox
    Brandy Cox

    r u serious? all singers do it. get over it. that's y she's laughing at u haters all the way to the bank.

  • Alice :)
    Alice :)

    in the first oic it looked like it was someone really old!!! she must be hotter than that!!!!?

  • olderthen13

    Sounds the majority is winning. Brit still rocks.

  • VBeadle

    i'm not a fan of britney buh seriously have some respect for her!! any woman or even man that has been through shit in their life should be able to sympathize with her nd does it matter how big her tits are?!!!...if yhu think it does then your just vein.....that woman has been to hell and back and look at her now she's really sorting her life out and has her beautiful children to look after Im not a fan rli but i have ALOT of respect for Britney give her a break :-)

  • Jessica Miller
    Jessica Miller

    Her boobs look smaller here. Some pictures they look bigger........prob pushed up/padded

  • Amanda

    It bothers me to no end that people think it was Britts job to raise the children of America! It wasn't her job and it isn't Miley's job now so just back off her! She is swimming with her kid who has WATER WINGS on seems like she is doing a good job on that! Give her a break! She is a lot hotter than a lot of moms scumming up the pools!

  • Tish

    She is within her healthy weight range and she is having a sweet family moment with her son. I am glad I am not famous- it must really suck to ive in a fishbowl being criticized by every Tom, Dick, and Hilary who doesn't actually know the REAL me, but feels they are entitled to make judgements on my character. God luck, Brit, not everyone is so judgemental.

  • dink

    bleh, kinda fatty, no tone....

  • Lani Williams
    Lani Williams

    You are really are a horses ass. I may not be her favorite fan, but you sunk lower than a gutter snipe

  • rampantandie

    I feel kind of bad saying this, but I knew it was her since the body was reddish and bloated-looking. :(


    roflmao cause just when I was about THIS FED UP with all the haters (every single person, COME ON PEOPLE, wth?!) I read this and seriously LAUGHED OUT LOUD.... thanks gueibor! ;)

  • carolyn

    Torbram if anyone smells it you

  • Leesa

    You're a frikin nit wit. The only thing you know about Britney is what the media tells you and teeny bopper braindead idiots like you are dumb enough to believe everything you read. Shut your dumb mouth, live another 10 years and lets see how "crazy" you are.


    It's WOMAN*, and you're an idiot.

  • Dinaa

    D'awww, he has a Slim Shady haircut.

  • Kyle

    Really? cuz im pretty sure that smell was coming from you. And you people act so holier than thou like you have no imperfections. Wake up and smell the coffee people, we have all had our share of bad times. Only dif, hers was publicized and yours wasnt. That doesnt make her any less of a person.

  • Sarah Mikula
    Sarah Mikula

    omg I cant believe how much smaller her boobs are now..remember in the "hit me baby one more time" video and ones after that..everyone said she had implants and now theyre practically FLAT..she obviously had them and got them removed

  • montanagriz24

    I'd be on that like a fat kid on a cupcake.


    Yh same I love Britney always will also she is 1 sexaayyy BITCH I just wanna sex her ass ;)

  • clare

    imagine sayin summt bwt the children, get a life would you like some1 to say summt bwt ur kids. i love you brit, wish the best for your children xxxx

  • happyplace

    This is America. Everyone can like or dislike who they want to. And, this poor lass just proves that fame and wealth doeth not make a class act, or integrity. She has to EARN respect just like everyone else. She chose her image ... and skanky it is.

  • happyplace

    now theres a women who doesn't need 2 have kids with a her insanity. Totally sorry for those kids learning her values.

  • Kendall

    Where did her big fake boobs go?

  • annie maye`
    annie maye`

    That is just to funny. omgggg to have a baby her body is soooo wonderful =)

  • britt

    it's brittnany bytch!! fu*k all haters!!

  • luckyallore

    love Britney her body was always hot and she is one of the ladies who started the teen star stuff so dont even try hatin.

  • Lay

    She's got a cute bikini body. Especially for a mum of two kids. Besides, all women's bodies change after they have a child. Britney still has a healthy body. Remember her body before she had a children? She was hot! She had the sexiest body on earth back then!

  • ALS

    Her children are beautiful, she's cute too.

  • maxsteel5000

    helloooooooooo BRITNEY

  • MastreMahem

    She's making CRAZY SOUP.

  • Jump

    I thought she had more tits than that???

  • Kath

    Whoever gave that kid biceps implants did the crappiest job ever. That is just to funny.

  • sweetestmonster26

    omg did she bleach her sons head?! i feel bad for that little boy cause that burns!!!

  • Matthew

    I'm a Britney hater, and she needs to get rid of that 'on the rise' Mustache already.

  • Dori

    Whoever gave that kid biceps implants did the crappiest job ever. :DDDDDDXDXD good one:DD

  • Stacy Mccoy
    Stacy Mccoy


  • crazyivan

    she is so messed up i think i actually have a chance scoring with her.

  • poemgirl1234

    She looks good!

  • neveramazed

    She looks lovely. I'm happy to see her doing so well.

  • Noelle

    Whoever gave that kid biceps implants did the crappiest job ever. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Mike


  • rcbreezy

    Cant sing, can barely dance. Smells like slutty used up pop princess! Start actually singing at your concerts! What a concept!!

  • Ernest

    Whoever gave that kid biceps implants did the crappiest job ever. Thats f*ckin hilarious

  • queeny

    Haters will hate. Do your thing Brit Brit. They'll never be you. They can keep wishing though :)

  • audilopez

    is britney engaged? no she got that from the cracker jack box lol

  • Karen Mae Hinampas
    Karen Mae Hinampas

    yeah...gve her a break...

  • jasmine

    Wow i recognized her from her fat ass arm, and completely flat chest.. y does she always have that same hairdo in every paparazzi picture????


    Omg. that was so f*cking funny! I actually laughed out loud. LMAO! wtf..wtf... I hope none of you, ever have a Daughter who is less than puurrrrrrrfect... (perfect)!!!!!!!!!! GET A JOB AND A LIFE... ALL OF you are so sick in the HEAD.. REHAB, WOULDN'T EVEN HELP YOU IDIOTS.

  • gypsyred

    her top is too tight....its cuttin into her titty Actually her top is too SMALL for the size of her boobs. She looks good.. She's in shape. She's gotten her life together now. Used to be I'd agree with you guys that say she's a skank... but the girl is doing good and doing the right thing by/ for her kids now.

  • hottie

    I guessed this one, mainly because it smelled like skank. Omg. that was so f*cking funny! I actually laughed out loud. LMAO!

  • LLAB

    She is more normal than crazy. I mean I'd like to see someone become successful at such a young age, pop out two kids and marry a guy who you didn't love. Sounds like she is happier now. God forbid anyone worry about their own lives than pick on other people who actually if you think about it are really more normal than crazy. It's the "brady bunch" that is more crazy than normal. Dude everyone just wants to cut people down, but if they knew britney i'm sure they would forgive her for having a tough time. it's people like you that are going to be the reason for the end of them world. Wow, get a grip on yourself and stop being selfish

  • Nunjabiznis

    Yea you guys are all just haters , if you had what she had you wouldnt be on this website talking sh*t you would be livin it up!

  • KarenSue

    I guessed this one, mainly because it smelled like skank. Thanks for identifying that horrible aroma, LOL!

  • hmm


  • teriqua

    Very smart pose for the camera, Brittney.

  • twiistedbeauty

    her top is too tight....its cuttin into her titty

  • garmani71

    I guessed this one, mainly because it smelled like skank. Hahah Real Mature she still makes more then ya do.

  • christyl

    Got that right THE BEST BIKINI BODY IN HOLLYWOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love U Brit!!!!!!!

  • Michael

    Smoking Hot! Best bikini body around.

  • nessafan

    love u brit ! haters get a life and stfu

  • mel

    don't be jealous guys ... she 's doing great now .. getting herself together.. give her a break


    leave britney alone,HATERSSS!

  • peach

    k-fed was betrayed. it looks more like mini eminem

  • gueibor

    Whoever gave that kid biceps implants did the crappiest job ever.

  • mo1988

    now theres a women who doesn't need 2 have kids with a her insanity.

  • emma

    is britney engaged?

  • Cori

    Ahh... give her a break. I love Britney. Her boys are so adorable!!

  • teshY

    poor thing... i mean... the kid HAha

  • Torbram

    I guessed this one, mainly because it smelled like skank.