Celeb Bikini Bodies: Guess Who?!

  • Celeb Bikini Bodies: Guess Who?!
Who hit the pool with her kids in tow?
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  • me

    what if he IS mini eminem lol

  • coutneybaaaby

    i am an idiot....................so stupid

  • jen

    what is the bracelet of?

  • YouShoudlLearnToSpellHopeItGivesYouHell

    Britney Spears has just produced a pretty sexual album--and why not, that's what sells and if that's where she is in her life then good for her--and she's not exactly known for insightful lyrics or interviews, so I think saying that she is positioned to speak on religion is not only extremely unlikely, but I would hope that no one would really care what a pop star has to say about God, the same way I don't think anyone should care what an athlete thinks about minorities or how an actor feels about Obama. To each his own path, and your path to salvation/peace/nirvana/whatever should really not be guided by anyone you see on TMZ. Not to mention this was a pretty bizarre long message to post on a gossip forum, and it was also pretty personal for a celeb whose name isn't even spelled correctly. What's the deal with people not being about to spell anything anymore, even when it's spelled out FOR THEM on the same page they're typing it on?! And to everyone--seriously, all these bodies are beautiful, even when the people inside them aren't. We really need to learn to appreciate that all sorts of women are gorgeous. We come in all shapes and there are men that will love every one of them. Women are pros at making each other miserable. Hail to the V!

  • Lisa AJ CookeDoyle
    Lisa AJ CookeDoyle

    I have been a fan of Brittney the girl, then woman who has overcome most wonderfully "the pressure and stress" of being a true star genius. Yes I am old, 43, but not too old to recognize a star from childhood until know. She is an American Beauty and an American Icon. She overcame a bad marriage and bitter marriage I am sure, post pardon depression that is truly difficult to handle in privacy without the "world of TMZ and the tabloids" watching her every move. She overcame manager and closest confidents over medicating and stealing from her. Friends abandoning her in times of trial and weakness. She was stalked and humiliated by those that could not let a girl grow up slowly but thrust adulthood upon her so fast and then the lack of parental support that was not concerned until it was almost too late. This part is to Brittany - Brittney I know you most likely will never even see this but please know this if you do see it that many many years ago I was blessed by God to get to follow your career and to watch for you and pray for your safety, your children and for your comeback and for your broken heart so that Love would Rule there once again. And Brittney I don’t care what anyone has ever said I know God has told me and told me over and over that you are His Comeback Kid and He has never ever given up on you and that He adores you so much and loves your heart inside that most do not know is there. And I never thought for one moment thought that you would not make an incredible comeback that would and is going to take you into places you have only dreamed about even as a young child but also as a "Global Star" with a message soon that will bring you back to your heritage and back to your roots to bring comfort, healing, life and LOVE. Brittany sometimes the hardest times in our lives prepare us for our biggest Roles in Life. The world is changing fast, as are people. Dark is going darker and light is getting lighter and soon we will all know what is hidden and grafted in our DNA and within our hearts for we all have a role to play in the Greatest Love Story ever told. That of God and His Children and God's Love choosing us and we choosing Him. Brittney please never stop entertaining as you are so talented and your voice so Heavenly. You have untold talents and we have just begun to see the fullness of what they are. But can you and this is just a question and honestly I doubt you will get this but if you do would you consider playing music to your audience to connect them to their spiritual Loving Father in Heaven. It is like I have had a 15 year prayer goal on and off again depending on if the Holy Spirit was calling me to pray for you and I have enjoyed it and also wept with you and laughed with you and now I pray God gets His mission to you and reveals it to you as you have an audience and area of affluence and influence around the globe that are poised and ready to hear you and also ready to receive the anointing of God’s Love and Favor through you in music song and dance, but also thought action and deed. And I know you are called to bring LOVE to this EARTH Brittney. You were born “For Such a Time as This” and part of that is your birthright in God as you were BORN to help emulate God's LOVE and when you sing the songs, if you choose for God, to share with your fans, I just know that God will show up and the miraculous will begin to occur. You have Heavenly anointing within you and all around you and your voice carries the call to Love and can you can and do carry the Love of God in so many ways already, thru your love to your children, your unconditional love to your family and friends and to your fans. The real Brittney that only a few get to see which is a young women who is strong and yet needs defending and protecting, as your heart is fair and generous and you care so much Brittney and that is why it is so easy for others to take from you and yet some never give back. I see a whole new set of true friends coming your way besides some really true ones as there are many of those that love you for you as those that wanted to be your friend because of your abilities have mostly went to the wayside. I see a whole new you in Prayer as I write this and I want to tell you that please consider the call of bringing more LIFE LOVE and JOY to this earth through the power and anointing that God has gifted you with. You are a miracle worker Brittney and being called forward for such a time as this. Look deep inside you and remember your days of innocence before becoming the talented woman of today with fame and fortune and a built in platform. You have something to bring and to release at the appointed time and for the Greater Good for mankind and to help facilitate the miraculous through your beautiful voice and through your vast friends, peers, family, etc. and with the Resources of Heaven, Resources of man through relationships built well over time and God's Heavenly Angels poised for the right time and waiting for your words and a yes in your heart. God so wants to greater inhabit His people and we the world need the miraculous as the days are getting harder and there is more suffering then ever and those like you Brittney are gifts to us, if you say yes, to help as you have influence and your fans love you. And I am not saying do not be you(because you can be both) but just let the benevolent and lover of God Brittney Shine Through from time to time. It will be easy, as it is part of you, and often when I pray for you I see a time when you told God you loved Him and that you would do for Him as he wanted. It is a beautiful vision of you at the age of innocence that I still see from time to time in the smile and glint in your eyes. And I know it is easy to say that I am someone really strange and some will but if this is meant for your eyes Brittney it will make it's way to you. I am just a girl who had dreams of life and Love as a child and ran the through the hills and used to pretend to fly like the Angels in Heaven convinced I could if I tried and practiced hard enough as I really believed I could bring Heaven to earth to help mankind. Well I can’t say I flew but I do love people and I do have a very part-time ministry to help others fulfill their God Given Destinies and helping to bring life and love to those I meet and to help edify and encourage those that God is tapping for such a time as this! And today Brittney, I believe that call is going out to you, and in that I believe you will see you can still be you and also live that childhood dream and help be a benefactor to mankind and to the population of the earth to bring Good News to the captives, to help set them free spiritually, and in the natural connecting them with others to held feed and clothes and train and skill and house the homeless here in the United States and Abroad and also you have healing in your heart that comes through your music (in your soul) and in that sweet sweet songs that are much like ballads there is also love, healing love, God’s Love. God Bless you Brittney. Love Lisa

  • nika

    brittney spears

  • wj

    People sayin her sons haircut is horrible - blame that on their dad!

  • coutneybaaaby

    her son looks like a mini eminem in this photo, hahaa

  • Shannon247

    if u think thats fat then ur blind and shallow as hell. wake up! seriously!

  • Leesa

    Is that a pic of you? You look fat too! What are you like 300 pounds by now?

  • haley6098

    good ole britt!!!

  • queeny

    I know that boobie from MILES bc it belongs to my girlfriend. Yes, this is Britney, no doubt.

  • audilopez


  • Stanka Saskyova
    Stanka Saskyova


  • christyl

    she is looking toooooooo fat Glad you're soooooo purrrrfect, hater....

  • christyl

    Britney Spears-I'd recognize her any ol' place!!!!!!!!!

  • SexInTheHouse

    why does she has a ring on her left hand ?

  • ws

    i have the same braclet!

  • shawa

    Dude, Britney has 2 kids. and she's no longer in her early twenties. How good looking do you think a person can stay after childbirth and everything she's been through? Its not falling out at all! You're so right! But still, her bikini is too small

  • missbookworms@yahoo.fr

    Dude, Britney has 2 kids. and she's no longer in her early twenties. How good looking do you think a person can stay after childbirth and everything she's been through? Its not falling out at all!

  • dude

    bikini looks a little too small..half of it is falling out..

  • anie

    she is looking toooooooo fat

  • yarimar


  • Alex Ssmfs
    Alex Ssmfs

    Britney Spears, i don't like her son's haircut..

  • angiebig


  • Lil

    britney spears