Celeb Bikini Bodies: Guess Who?!

  • Celeb Bikini Bodies: Guess Who?!
Jessica Alba with hubby Cash Warren.
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  • Gina

    Very nice body but I like her hair darker

  • ola

    hello, i'm ola from poland hihi

  • vanablizz

    Weird picture lol... Jessica Alba is gorgeous. She's just naturally tiny all over. She's still a beautiful girl.

  • gruber

    Ladies, take notice. Aspire to have an ass like that. Sincerely, every male alive.

  • Burt

    Arf! Arf!

  • Troll

    She got herpes from Derek Jeter, according to the Jeter Herpes Tree. So now add Cash Warren to the herpes tree.

  • Sammy

    It sucks when people say " real women have curves, I don't like little boys with boobs". There is pressure to be thin but now a days it seems there is more pressure to have curves if you are naturally skinny your screwed. Its possible to lose weight if your a little chunky sadly without spending tons of money of plastic surgery not possible to grow bigger boobs and a butt. Just saying.

  • Staypuft Overlord
    Staypuft Overlord

    Have any of you people heard of proper grammar? I've met third graders with a better concept of sentence structure. If you're going to bash each other, at least attempt to do so in an intelligent manner. "Your" is a possessive pronoun as opposed to "You're" which is a contraction of the two words "You are". Also, avoid using obvious statements such as, "being raped isn't a fun thing". Of course it's not a fun thing, at least not for the person being raped. In fact, that whole comment is a punctuation nightmare. It almost seems like Courtneybaaaby had a few commas in her pockets and decided to vaguely throw them in the general direction of her paragraph (I use the term paragraph very loosely).

  • adam

    hi are there any girl needs fuke.i'm ready

  • coutneybaaaby

    maybe he and i will share a room in hell

  • coutneybaaaby

    im sorry marissa that was my other personality being a little bitch to you

  • coutneybaaaby

    but compared to me... youd win any miss america pageant

  • Steve Conner
    Steve Conner

    That Alba is a Goddess

  • Lola

    She looks great, and that is a modest suit, which suits her.

  • minisaur


  • minisaur


  • White Daddy
    White Daddy

    husband has some haji crap written on his bicep that translates to "I have tiny testicles"

  • Yanique Lewis
    Yanique Lewis

    she is soooo pretty tooo me!!!:)

  • courtneybaaaby

    does it really matter if you pay out Brian Peppers for his looks, look him up on the internet, he is a sex offender, what he did was horrible, that dude should die in hell, yes i was saying he's ugly and shit, and i know its mean or saying for him to die in hell, but he raped some girls, that is like the worst thing you can do, those girls will probably be self concious and would take so much time to, may never ever trust a man again becasue of him, being raped isnt a fun thing, i feel so sorry for those girls, so should you, you should be feeling sorry for these girl who got raped by HIM,and stop caring what im saying about him, cause what he did was down right discuting and so horrible!

  • lydiathegreek

    really shawna i won't shut up because u're a dump bitch PIECE OF SHIT!!

  • Gary Alan Gray
    Gary Alan Gray

    She's lost too much weight.She was hot in Fantastic 4.She's much much too skinny now.

  • Nano

    That's not a picture of him. It's a picture of someone else. A man named Brian Peppers. That isn't a mask, that's his actual face. He has an undisclosed genetic disease. And it's kinda fucked up to say such ugly things about him. He's done some bad things, and that's one thing to be opposed to that. But just by appearance. That's disgusting to say such horrible things.

  • Shawna Elmore
    Shawna Elmore

    seriously. shut up. all of you.

  • melissa

    luv her

  • courtneybaaaby

    i dont care if he fucking has health problems, cause he shouldnt be paying out celebritys on how they look when he aint hot himself.

  • nelly01

    Am guessing it's a fake mask moron ! He has totally bin dissing celebs

  • sunshineone

    Blonde rules. That's all.

  • rouse

    yeea!im with you girl!

  • lydiathegreek

    WTF is wrong with u girl?? why do you act like a bitch?!! :@ and what if this person has health problems?? next time use your brain, u moron!

  • Glenda López Pellot
    Glenda López Pellot

    why is her thigh bigger than her butt?! weird!!

  • angel

    your a bitch

  • courtneybaaaby

    shut up marissa


    It's hilarious that some of you would actually say that she's not too skinny that it's the rest of the American women that are just too fat. That's pathetic! If she were to get any thinner she would be anorexic, and geez I really don't see how hollywood could get skinnier than anorexic for the future, since it's a huge trend that they get thinner every year! So, get real either you like women or you like little boys, women have curves...maybe you've seen a few women around...between the time that you are calling them fat and drolling over these so called women with boyish figures and implants to make up for what they lack due to trying to fit into your ideal cookie cutter shape that you believe is hot. If you do like little kids you really should go and turn yourself in at the nearest police station sicko.

  • Marissa Parks
    Marissa Parks

    heyyyyy! dont be hating u two! totally uncalled for! :/ :/ :/ :/

  • Rachael Kelly
    Rachael Kelly

    wow you dumb bitch wtf is wrong with you?! If anything you're ugly for saying that!

  • coutneybaaaby

    wtf's up with your photo, FUUUCCCCCCK YOUR UGLY!

  • Leesa

    I know and the look on his face is really funny!

  • boo boo
    boo boo

    too funny. little skinny chick - but she'd be good for a doggy pump with that small azz.

  • T

    WOW this bitch need a steak Got damn she skinny as F**K

  • Lani

    she has a fine body. for all the people who think she is too thin: if you're a woman, wouldn't you think a guy in similar shape was hot? Or do you prefer guys with piano legs and guts bigger than their chests? I agree with the people who say she looked better as a brunette. She doesn't have the coloring for the shade of blonde she's wearing.

  • derek turner
    derek turner

    Not enough ass. No curves at all.

  • shannonnnn

    that man looks like mr. bean:')

  • violet haynes
    violet haynes

    notting to grab,

  • happyplace

    She is totally awsome !!! Dont tell me if that walked out of your neighbours house and winked at you, you wouldn't do it. She is one good looking lady. Didnt like her interview on the Late Show a while back . Great eye candy though.

  • AllIsFairInLoveAndWar

    lol, the guy looks like he is reaching for jessica albas butt! read the caption. it's her husband.

  • Shaymin(:

    Holy crap, beach sex!! :P

  • Angel

    They're just pretending they were runing of falling or something. We all know what they were really trying to do...

  • ALS

    This is not a picture where you could judge a person's figure. Just silly, could you find a better photo showing her figure.

  • Danielle

    Jesssica Alba will forever be HoT to me, but for some reason this pic does NoT do her body any justice. And I loooooove her figure. She just looks a little skinny in this pic, but she's still one of the prettiest women in the industry by far!

  • sockmonkey

    is he about to jab a finger in her butt?

  • Tara

    Jessica Alba is gorgeous in every way. I think she has the perfect body. Just a bit ago I read where she was voted by Plastic Surgeons to have the best body and that she she was perfectly proportioned. It was said that she had the perfect waist ratio to her hips and breasts. It's hard to believe she has had a baby.

  • hatevampiremovies

    Whatever about her body, what a little Ms. Thang! First she dumps the oil heir billionaire "CASH" (Where his parents tripping) 3 weeks later finds out she's knocked up and then MARRIES CASH, has a daughter and names the kid "HONOR" what a joke! But what can you expect from a girl who made her $$ off a pregancy, a series called "DARK ANGEL" and some a couple of straight to DVD movies. But she had a game plan, stick out you butt, pump up those ah-hm lips of hers and let the "CASH MAN" pay for a grab. Go Team Alba,

  • kccoen

    i think its hilary duff

  • loves2dreamxo
  • Diana

    i agree to lore1153....she's not skinny, it's just people compares her body to majority of american women that are too heavy.... She has a tiny rear end and her ribs are sticking out!!! That's not too skinny????

  • Ashhh

    no ass, no hips, no curves. its a sad life for jess. :P

  • Foo

    Her legs are the best in the business

  • latino

    I refuse to believe she's latina, there's no butt there.

  • audilopez

    damn it

  • Porny Panda
    Porny Panda

    This would make a great "What happened next?" competition...

  • gypsyred

    I think Jessica Alba is gorgeous. She looks a bit better with her earlier curves though. This country is too obsessed with every little ounce of fat ..even if its the RIGHT amount for a person's body... She just succumbed to the pressure.. I'm sure it is so very hard to be in the spot light and worried about what people are thinking of your body all the time though:S

  • March

    i agree to lore1153....she's not skinny, it's just people compares her body to majority of american women that are too heavy....

  • addasd

    GET DA FFF OUT!! SHE LOOKS SOO SKINNY!!! She's not too skinny, it's the majority of american women that are too heavy.

  • Bone

    ~* I still think she is a gorgeous girl, but i think she looked WAY better before she dropped 20 pounds and went blonde ... she was never fat .. at all ... she just used to have better curves and wtf is wrong with being Mexican and having dark hair??? Why does everyone insist on going blonde??? now she's just another super skinny blonde chick in Hollywood. I wish she woulda stayed unique ...

  • lore1153


  • Sam Thoms
    Sam Thoms

    She looks way too skinny for me!

  • ellet

    Great body

  • ceelo green
    ceelo green

    what baby

  • jess

    lol, the guy looks like he is reaching for jessica albas butt!

  • Cori

    My husband just spit out his lemonade!! He LOVES Jessica!

  • Desertflower

    Her hamstrings are bigger than her butt

  • gaella


  • Bernie Madoff III
    Bernie Madoff III

    Was this pre or post-mount?

  • hispanicatthedisco

    Dang, I was sure that was Brooke and Hulk Hogan.