Celeb Bikini Bodies: Guess Who?!

  • Celeb Bikini Bodies: Guess Who?!
Kelly Ripa with the rock hard abs.
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  • RatTrap

    Kelly Ripa . disgusting navel ..looks like she has a penis or something up there

  • Paulyanna

    @Michele R - you stated ".imagine getting bullied over this image or one’s like it," How ironic that you would "imagine" being bullied while you are the one actually bullying her. You rip everything about her without hesitation and it becomes common place for others to see. Instead of posting nasty remarks about her body why not choose to keep your nasty remarks to yourself. How about stepping up and being a good example by NOT being a bully at all.

  • Gina

    She is very short and tiny. She looks great. She's had 4 kids and she's almost 40 so I would say " good for her."

  • Anonymous

    Kelly Ripa has no boobs and one ugly belly button.

  • Denise

    YUCK !!!! Please eat something before you drop dead and leave your children motherless !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Matt K
    Matt K

    Wow she has no figure. No hips to hang on, and no tits whatsoever. Pretty face but nothing else to speak of.

  • Olivia Jurado Zamora
    Olivia Jurado Zamora

    All I can say is "Gross"! If you have an outie, wear a one piece. I hate to say this, but it looks like she is taking steroids.

  • vanablizz

    Because a girl gets fit and buff she looses her femininity? I don't think so. She's got a cute face, cute bod, n puts the work in to maintain her fitness. She's overall a pretty girl. Fyi seeing the beauty in a fit tight woman, does not take away or imply that a thick, full-bodied, curvy woman isn't sexy in her own right.

  • Jen

    Well she may be "ripped", she's ripped herself into a dude! She has no waist, she's straight up and down, nothing feminine about it. I have a friend I work out with a couple of times a week, and the same thing happened to her. She put back on about 10 pounds and she looked and felt better. She still has trouble getting things to fit on top though.

  • shagohad

    Or a clit!

  • Dixie Smith
    Dixie Smith


  • Fack

    she looks better with clothes on... maybe if she had bigger tits

  • mickey

    Now, THAT'S sickly.!!!.

  • Den Eice
    Den Eice

    Ugh! I knew it was her because of that nasty looking outtie. It makes me wanna throw up. Lol! I know that sounds terrible, but there are some things that creep me out and that's one of them.

  • SaraShamloo

    WTF?? you get so thin n suddenly your belly button turns inside out???

  • H.Ruiz Ortiz
    H.Ruiz Ortiz

    Don't like skinny women that look like boys she needs to fatten up that's all mark then she'll look much better!!

  • WWW

    Ha ha - it looks like Alien - she has a little penis escaping from her stomach.

  • Daniel Scott Smith
    Daniel Scott Smith

    are you all furry like that? lol.

  • Tim Swisham
    Tim Swisham

    All you people saying mean things behind a computer crack me up - fact is 60% of you are over-weight/obese and hating on a woman with some muscle who is HEALTHY and the rest of you are probably just ugly. 90% of this hate is coming from women but I bet if they asked their husbands 100% of them would trade their pale, chubby wives for Kelly.

  • Burt

    Looks like a guy.

  • lonesome daniel
    lonesome daniel


  • lolyup

    Mark, youre clearly a pedophile as she looks like an underaged boy. why dont you get her dick out of your mouth? its fucking disgusting to see anyone to far on either side of the spectrum. you need help and have horrible taste in women. go fuck yourself, dickskin,

  • beth

    Her belly button freaks me out!

  • breeoxd

    I dont think this is actually her. Not that being ripped is something to be ashamed of, and I know she is pretty ripped in real life, but this photo is "off" the lighting, the position of the head, not to mention it's size in relation to her upper arm- as someone who does quite a bit of work in photoshop, Im telling ya, this is fake.

  • dani

    if it wasnt for her pretty face she´d be fucked

  • Cragenni

    Her belly button is frightening...

  • K.D.

    Don't be so cruel. She's obviously worked hard to look "perfect" enough for t.v. You don't get a face like that without being lean. Kelly, you just need a new, smaller bikini! Your bottoms are waaaay too big, and you could need a more flattering top. Get the right suit and rock that bod' Ms Ripa!

  • Street Legend
    Street Legend

    Hey, I've got an outtie too! I was always ashamed to show it but Kelly has made me feel I can come out now. Mine doesn't look like a penis though. If it did I think the girls would love it on a man. Thank you Kelly.

  • marvin

    she is one M & M away from ANOREXIA MAYBE 65 LBS with clothes on and people call this attractive. sad when you have to starve yourself because you think this is what america wants to see.

  • Lyvia Chicot
    Lyvia Chicot

    pffffffff do you think she chooses to have this belly buttom! you are asshole and stupid people!

  • Laura

    And so the fuck what if she has ONE flaw. You don't need to jump all over her for it. I'm sure half of you are Over/Under weight or have some sort of beauty mark somewhere that's unsightly. Get Off it!

  • Laura

    She is not "Bones" she is MUSCULAR. How is she sending a bad message? Get in shape is a bad message? Someone obese or completely bones sends out the wrong message. Not muscles. -_-

  • Maxxxx

    her belly button is actually repulsive. and she has no tits!

  • Kacy

    She is sick all right... only bones and belly button.. not a good message she is sending...

  • Kacy

    I do love Kelly but she is too thin... I only see bones and belly button... Thta is not a good message she is sending...

  • jerry berger
    jerry berger

    loved you always Kelly.......and a great MOM

  • Mark

    She's supremely fit and that's it. Once upon a time it was odd to see a fat person in the throngs of people on the beach, and now it's an oddity nowadays to see someone in great shape. New culture, fat culture, culture of the slobs.. lol. Get a grip. She's ripped. I'd rather her than you fatties

  • isis

    that bitch looks fukin disgusting! she might as well be a man...ugly ass heiffa


    Liked her BETTER right after she had her last child and had all that meat on her bones!! She had some very nice TA TA's and a stunning body!! Now, she is way TOO SKINNY and is looking kinda ANOREXIC!! I liked her WAY BETTER with al te MEAT and BABY WEIGHT on those BEAUTIFUL BONES!! THATS WHEN SHE WAS SUPER HOTT!

  • Banks

    Rippa is hot and in shape, but get that belly button fixed!!

  • zenmamma

    Actually, he's letting you know what his penis looks like. LOL

  • Alyx Babiface Smith
    Alyx Babiface Smith

    she has the body of a 12 year old boy gymnist eww

  • no2cancer

    That's just gross! Nothing sexy about her body at all!

  • coutneybaaaby

    i dont have abs or big boobs.. im like a big blob of play doh...

  • coutneybaaaby

    im just jealous because i look like a two ton catapillar

  • Abeer Moh
    Abeer Moh

    Her body is look like a man's body :0

  • Mini me
    Mini me

    Some people are prone to be fatter, some skinnier- why is it always ok to accuse woken of starving themselves if they do have any body fat? Especially after children,along with breastfeeding, lots of women that are slim-buildt to begin with- loose even more weight- I know, cuz it happened to me- and it has nothing to do w me not eating- I can't speak for her- but I eat, been a dAncer since a child that might have a little to do with how I look- but I certainly love food, just have a high metabolism - and I long for the return of the rounder bigger butt and the breast that used to be bigger before I had a baby and nursed him.. It's easy to snicker and talk shit about ppl anonymously online safe at home, like an expert and connaiseur of all that a woman supposedly is or is supposed to look like . Best we can do is to try to take care of our unique individual selves and hope to create the results we desire with a good diet, more or less of the foods w need and do not need, depending on your Own Personal physique and what u need health wise to be a healthy happy person.. Live and let live people- everyone' s different., as different as your taste and your own opinion about beauty is. Beauty to me is someone who makes the most of what they have, of themselves,has a positive attitude about self,life and others and who exudes confidence and spreads love around themselves, showing the same respect to others they'd wish to receive. We all laugh and poke fun on one another- it's ok to joke- but let's not ridicule and bully those different from us merely to make ourselves look better. All it shows is lack of regard for diversity,an intolerance for anyone differing from their little bubble of a world,showing no understanding of reality. I think there is truly beauty in the biggest to the smallest- it is in the sparkle of someone's eyes, it is in the energy they bring and emotions and love they know how to express- beauty is as multifaceted as the planet and the species that inhabit it. Love to all.

  • Steve Conner
    Steve Conner

    That outie is kinda nasty

  • oldbuzzard1959

    Looks like a 16 year old boy.

  • sumpawn

    This is so god damn funny I laughed until I cryed...Michele you are HIGHlarious!!!! I know it's mean to laugh, but god that was funny...

  • Gary

    No. Sorry. Gross. This is not the body of a vibrant, healthy woman.

  • steve

    she looks disgusting!!

  • Asa

    She looks rough. And she needs to get that umbilical hernia fixed (navel hernia).


    her belly button makes her look like she has 3 nipples. speaking of which.....

  • Lola

    Nice abs, the belly button is a bit distracting, but not bad at all.

  • Judgemental Jerks
    Judgemental Jerks

    What ever happened to keeping your mouth shut if you have nothing nice to say? Kids are way to bullied today because everyone shares their rude comments with everyone, everywhere. Teach kids to be nice and maybe they will be.

  • dave

    that belly button is gross

  • fredz

    She worked her abs so much her belly button puked.

  • Sarah Rand
    Sarah Rand


  • Sarah Rand
    Sarah Rand

    she looks like a gross boy.



  • ck

    YUCK !

  • Tony

    Ya if you like 10 year old Girls- and that belly button- looks like the Alien didnt quite make it out!! LOL

  • nerfherder

    She looks like she has raptor arms. Just perspective of the camera shot I guess, but it's ... definitely adding to the unflattering points in this picture. I would have had my belly button corrected with surgery. I've seen outties before... but holy....... wtf??

  • Kelly Marczak
    Kelly Marczak

    lol i agree. gross. i didnt know she had that big of an outty. gross...

  • White Daddy
    White Daddy

    she hasan outtie that is big as her hubby's pee-pee ....lol rothflmfao

  • Alex

    it's an umbilical hernia

  • cmj69

    I know she cant help it,but that belly button is kind of weird.I have never seen one like that before.

  • anon

    her nipples r erect

  • denzelwashington

    I think they're more pecs than anything

  • aa1827

    Giv her a break. She must have a nice vagina. Check out those camel toes.

  • xoxo

    obviously you do not know what a penis looks like dickhead

  • philvz

    She has the body of a 9 year old boy

  • suzanne

    She is way too skinny! Emaciated looking.

  • Di

    This is not attractive at all. She really needs to get her belly button repaired. It looks so gross, and very suggestive. UGH!

  • Gary Alan Gray
    Gary Alan Gray

    She looks like she has worms. GROSS!!!!

  • Daytonagary

    She looks like an Aids Victim. Gross!!!

  • jojo

    i see 3 nipples in that photo

  • Jessica Miller
    Jessica Miller

    at least she doesnt have fake boobs

  • normal guy
    normal guy

    I'm an hetero and very horny man (just like most men out there) and i must say there's nothing i like in that pic, except maybe, and that's a big MAYBE, her face... curious, with any other woman it would be the opposite!! that a man can't find anything attractive on a girl like her oughta say something to her, and most of you girls out there, about how un-appealing and un-sexy a model-skinny body is to a normal guy.

  • eric

    GROSS!!!!! PUKE!!!! YUCK!!!!!

  • eugrin

    you guys are all so sad. trashing the one girl cuz u think she's too fat and then trashing kelly cuz she's too toned and doesn't have boobs. why can't people just be happy with what they have and who they are? we aren't all going to have giant boobs or toned thighs. mixed message much? what on earth do you people look like? 5 to 10 years ago, it was all about being thin, so naturally thin people were 'in' and all heavier people cried foul. now it's about having meat on you, and the thin people are trashed yet again. why can't we all just learn to accept that we all have different bodies. i'm thin and small chested. have been so all my life. i refuse to get silicone breasts. my sister has huge boobs naturally and her weight varies. i guess to most of you posters, i'm the repugnant uggo. and if i gained 30 pounds and became overweight, you'd all chastise me for being fat. can't win for trying. try accepting that everyone is different and move on. stop the hating.

  • Vanessa Cosby
    Vanessa Cosby

    LMFAO!!! i find it funny how most the girls on here are talking about her boobs.. LOL.. Who gives a ****... She looks beautiful..

  • Marice Guilbeau
    Marice Guilbeau

    skinny is NOT always a good thing!

  • megg5

    Yikes! She needs to gain some weight sugardaddy---http://www.findmeamillionaire.com/

  • omggguhmm

    her bellybutton looks like a penis....

  • weliyo

    i dont think she likes it and please stop judging cos it aint good to judge other people for thier appearance

  • courtneybaaaby

    how arent they? girls with abbs dont usually have big tits.

  • courtneybaaaby

    you think she has a good body! wtf, look at it, she has abbs, abbs dont look good on tits, and look at her belly button!!!!

  • jeria

    a u kidding ryt now/

  • Laura Greene
    Laura Greene

    Shes gotta weird belly button.

  • Laura Greene
    Laura Greene

    Shes gotta weird belly button.


    Por diooooos, ese ombligo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! un horror!!!!!!!

  • guest

    not very feminine. sort of gross looking, actually

  • Kate

    Everyone is so focused on her boobs and belly button that they didn't notice her vagina lip is sticking out of her bathing suit...

  • Bubble pop Electric
    Bubble pop Electric

    GROSS !

  • Lani Williams
    Lani Williams

    She has such low body fat, that's what happends. She should try to attempt to increase her body fat - even if it's a slow processs. That would help increase her bust sise and overall padding

  • Blah

    Photoshopped....look at her neck

  • Oakie Musgogee
    Oakie Musgogee

    EEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!! Now, I know why Regis is leaving. He finally saw this awful, Ugly, disgusting, sickening, gross, Non- Human, Missing link, disastrous, load mouth, tit-less, egotistical, deformed, Frankenstein Built, DISASTER!!!

  • Carla Michele Odom-Kirkpatrick
    Carla Michele Odom-Kirkpatrick

    Uhhh, gross looking. She should keep her clothes ON!!!

  • Hmmm

    Not necessarily. I breastfed my three children and actually gained weight while doing so.

  • Lisa

    She looks like a boy especially with nipples as breasts and she doesn't look one bit feminine. Please get that belly button fixed; it's very unattractive.

  • Shannon247

    so this makes me wanna puke

  • CaraDee

    GROSS!! theres nothing there to hold on to! yuck

  • Capt Awesome
    Capt Awesome

    Half man half horse..... I mean woman

  • Michele R
    Michele R

    I think she looks terrible - much like a small boy. It amazes me that her husband Marc would even be attracted to her the way she is. Why is everything done today done to the extreme. And that belly button thingy does look like a penis, I would rather die than be caught that ripped, looking like she hasn't had a plate of food in over a year, possibly 2 yrs from the way she looks and then tops it off by wearing a bikini show the little penis off to the whole wide world. Do people even bother to think of their poor children....imagine getting bullied over this image or one's like it,

  • Cpt Insano
    Cpt Insano

    She used to be hot. lol

  • boo boo
    boo boo

    OMG...eat a sandwich will ya. A hot dog, burger, something. Yuck

  • Ipleathe5thh

    I think her body looks old and her flat chest and outtie button are all gross i've seen OLD Ladies who acutally look better then her just ICK!!

  • Lani

    she should increase her % of bodyfat. Not many people you can say that about. She's very toned. And the "outie" is way extreme

  • LC

    Steroids? Not a compliment! Gross!

  • lmnop

    Maybe it's just the angle, but does her arm look really short or what?

  • SpfldJimbo

    Wow...how is she "wired"? That protrusion looks like another female anatomical structure, other than a belley-button. Gross!!!

  • tiffany

    o my o my. she is WAY too skinny. and that outie? ewwwww. i so thought she looked her best wen she first came on the morning show right after she had her baby

  • nosogirl

    She is just scary skinny - very unattractive!

  • Michael

    Kelly you are so uniquely Beautiful . Just totally different from others . If there was a million people at the beach and you was 2 walk towards me, I would definitely spot you.

  • Michael


  • tom

    she figured out what she is , no tits and ripa is ripped she looks a bit alien and the put the penis a little bit too high



  • 12 yearold girl srfing the net
    12 yearold girl srfing the net


  • Robra

    Grosssss gross! Looks like man and an ugly one. Please do something about these disgusting boobs and belly button...please pretty please or don't show it!

  • jaw

    Why bother with the bikini top? She has nothing to hide !

  • Sara Ann Akre
    Sara Ann Akre

    OMG that pen!s on her belly is bigger than her t!ts

  • carolinajim

    HOT! Nothing sexier than a hot chick who is strong, fit and ripped. Once you have had sex with a athletic woman, you will never want to go back to anything else.

  • linella

    hum.......thi's certainly a big fake not a reality photo ,omg look at her arms ,don't you think is too shorter than the rest of her body

  • john boy
    john boy

    nice face , shame about the belly button

  • parenting101

    Her body is definitely not attractive. It's not even natural looking. Without the head, you'd think it was the body of a tall and lanky teenage boy.

  • o_O

    So her boobs are small.. SO WHAT. I'm more concerned about that belly button.

  • cece

    she needs to gain some weight!

  • Jackie

    lol that's so gross. she has the body of a dude

  • Noooooooooooo

    Don't like sinewy meat at all. Nope. Too stringy, girl. Open your account on fuglybook.com today.

  • nasty outy cutter
    nasty outy cutter

    she was way hotter when she was curvy. Mark Consuelos must love a young boys body

  • Dee

    ripped, but a mini-me penis in the middle of the stomach! W T F?

  • judie

    don't take your clothes off Kelly....uoou're scaring the animals, and, oh year, only make love in the dark... UGLY!!!!! Eat girl...eat........

  • happyplace

    Eeek, pale lasses shouldnt wear turqoise blue bikinis ... and the bra shape would be better if it had a little lift to enhance the boobies. Come on, I know she has the money to choose a decent bikini regardless of her shape. She could almost wear anything, and she chose THAT???!!

  • RealityCheck

    She may be a great mother and wife but she is not feminine at all and she needs to put on a few pounds! Just because you can have zero body fat (who knows how) doesn't mean you should. I will give her credit for not running out and getting fake boobs but she is so skinny that her body is like a 12 year old girl. I also don't think she is ripped it is just that she has nothing but skin, bones and muscle! I am also willing to bet that her belly button is a hernia that was not fixed when it should have been.

  • SydFieldTwoOh


  • meme

    thats not attractive

  • kellina shay
    kellina shay

    she needs to gain about 25-40 pounds, then she will have some curves and finally hit puberty

  • keeping up
    keeping up

    r u kidding me? with all the $ she has she can't even wear a bikini that matches?

  • Timothy Humptydumpty Cooke
    Timothy Humptydumpty Cooke

    That is an ugly body... ew. I hate skinny women like that

  • sunnygirl

    to buffed!!! eat girl eat! or maybe her husband likes that kind of look! . oh righty then someone get that girl some boobs!!!

  • Kelley Chapman- Chandler
    Kelley Chapman- Chandler

    Gross! I woman should be in shape but *soft*... She looks like a piece of *grizzle*!

  • Sergey

    She looks great! Could be an umbilical hernia. But she looks amazing. You are absolutely right - quote: "Congenital umbilical hernia is a congenital malformation, common in infants of African descent. Among adults, it is three times more common in women than in men". Her parents should have done something about it in her childhood years. All in all looks disgusting especially contradicting a nice natural face!

  • JustJen

    Kelly is gorgeous and she is in awesome shape! She has a beautiful body and she worked hard for it. Her boobs are fine just the way they are au natural! Go Kelly...

  • j

    her body is great. however, her boobs disgust me, please get them done. you're awful. they DISGUST you? you don't deserve any woman.

  • romeo

    no body no ass typical whit girl nothing to look at here

  • inspector Gadget
    inspector Gadget

    must of had her stomach done because her clit is now on her belly

  • gino

    ugly outie bellybutton

  • faienzry

    she's looked like a real gangster!

  • Ronda Irunmarathonsforfun
    Ronda Irunmarathonsforfun

    she has not curves and great abs

  • the cardinal
    the cardinal

    looks like the photoshopped her head on to wee man's body!!!! nice camel though...

  • burt

    God that's nasty. She needs a sandwich.

  • Lydia

    She is a real turnoff and looks really revolting.

  • Mindy Johnson
    Mindy Johnson

    she's underweight here...can't anyone see this??? hellllooooooo. it's so sad :(

  • Angel

    Guys, stop being mean. Obviously, something very wrong happened with her ambilical cord.

  • ALS

    Too skinny, looks like a young boy. 'What happen to trying to look like a young women. aka, Scarlet Johansen.l

  • Newsite Bansah
    Newsite Bansah

    She looks like a guy, it's so unfeminine to be that ripped. She's look way better with some curves. Seriously, don;t insult guys! If mu guy looked like this, he will be banished to the couch!!

  • D

    Fucryinoutloud! Eat a sandwich woman!!!

  • MJ

    Oh, dear! Kelly-- EAT A SANDWICH! Stay home from the gym occasionally. Seriously.

  • Dolce Jose
    Dolce Jose

    public , i be;iev you find her atractv ,,, ?hehe her body isn't great ,,very ,very bad tst, she has ugly body ,pls womans not supost 2 look lik men heheh jus bones,,,where r the curves

  • Rob14or15

    her body is great. however, her boobs disgust me, please get them done. I love small breasts!!! Stop making woman feel they must have big mammary glads to be beautiful!!!! I'll take perky and high over bouncing off her knees when she runs any day!

  • sockmonkey

    she's built like a 13 year old...boy

  • Stacy Mccoy
    Stacy Mccoy

    she looks like a little boy

  • Love To HATE
    Love To HATE

    He needs to work out more... Hit the gym causss.... what.... oh shiii thats a girl. but she's got a peni... HAHAHA

  • Jw

    shje is just nasty I mean the belly button no wonder Regis is scared

  • kori

    She looks like she was ripped from manyfacesofmeth.com

  • SoS

    6 Has the weirdest and most disgusting belly button I have ever seen.

  • mona

    She looks awful.

  • Candi

    OK, Kelly, you really need to STOP now. Being a gym freak can be just as addicting as a drug or alcohol. It has become an obsession for some people, case in point. Unless you are thinking of competing professionally, stop building. You do not look feminine anymore.

  • Dee

    Cmon son...dats nasty.... : /

  • Sami

    This woman is severely malnourished. You can see all of the bones in her torso, my hospitalized anorexic sister looks like this at 90 pounds. This is her third time in treatment and will most likely die from this disease. I hope that someday women will stop starving and sweating away their lives to look like this. She is always checking out these sites, and when she sees this picture with the fat thighs comment she will once again be convinced that she must be more toned and skinny to have people accept her. So thanks to all you ***holes, who feel they must post these comments, why don't you take a hard look at yourself in the mirror, find all your bumps, lumps and cellulite and tell yourself how awful you look.

  • your mom
    your mom

    nasty, i hate boney ass bitches

  • stef

    she needs a bigmack or 10

  • boo

    I love kelly she's a cute funny amazing lady, but she looks like a little boy she needs a boob job seriously kelly your hot get a boob job gain 10lbs too much muscle makes u look scarry

  • jill

    I think she needs to put on a little weight actually...it's kind of scarey!

  • adam


  • turksh kate moss
    turksh kate moss

    öğğğğğğğğğğğğğ disgusting

  • leslie

    is her bellybutton a penis?

  • BEL

    LMAO!!! I just knew her body had to be ugly underneath her cute clothes, didn't know it was that uglyyyyyyy sad!!!

  • Rachel Antionette Coulter
    Rachel Antionette Coulter

    it looks like the testosterone she's been taking is finally taking it's effect:p

  • caligurl465

    eww.that is GRODY!! she looks like a man!

  • Gary

    Gross... what is that sticking out of her lower stomach.

  • Gary

    GROSS... What is that sticking out from your lower stomach

  • Jahlanda Smith
    Jahlanda Smith

    She looks extremely unappealing. Gross matter of fact..

  • MOMO

    looks like a giant clitoris, i'd munch that...yummy mummy

  • april

    wow!! i would of neva guessed her for this pic..abs of steel and a outie belly button..

  • Mike

    Great abs, great boobs!!!!!!!!

  • tammconn

    OMG this pic is a fright! what is kelly thinking? doesn't she want to experience the incredible feeling of being a soft, beautiful, sexy, woman? i must say she really does look much better with her clothes on.

  • scubs

    she is starting to look more like a guy.....too much....its great to be toned but this is too much

  • MissyL

    That is just nasty. She doesn't look like a woman anymore.

  • scarlettnurse92858

    This is sooooo sick!!EWWWWWW!!!! She shouldn't go out in a bikini with a DISGUSTING PENIS COMING OUT OF HER!!! EWWWWWWW!!!

  • Priscilla Wheeler
    Priscilla Wheeler

    wow...well she is lean. she even has muscles on her breast. um if she is happy then good :)

  • focku!


  • audilopez

    I knew it wow this is fun lol

  • michelle

    stopp working out pleassssse!!!!

  • J

    completely unattractive, a bag of bones

  • JP

    bag of bones....

  • bellelecia


  • bel-lecia

    Those monster thighs could crush the life out of you. you sure are right those thighs are scared my skin off my flesh

  • Bob Duff
    Bob Duff

    She needs to spend some of that $$$ and get herself a couple of double-doubles, fries, and a milkshake. EWWWW....to fkn skinny ....

  • bobbiesimpson

    Kelly is beautiful but her body is too thin and doesn't have enough body fat for a woman.

  • gene

    YUk! Ohmigod! she looks better with clothes on. too skinny. looks like a boy

  • Heather

    the extra penis grosses me out i wish i never saw her in a bikini i cant think she is cute anymore

  • Kittylovebunny

    Yeay, her belly-button is just as big as her tits

  • pnut

    [quote=Christopher London]Kelly Ripa is RIPPED. Beautiful face and sick body. that bellybutton looks like a baby`s penis ! EWWWW !!!

  • t-man

    So, who the @!#?@! is she? Or for that matter, any of them?

  • Anon E. Mouse
    Anon E. Mouse

    PS - She should wear a one-piece bathing suit.

  • Anon E Mouse
    Anon E Mouse

    Her boobs look like those of women body builders who lose their period and dabble in performance enhancers. But I don't think her abs look that good in this photo. Look kind of like uneven lipo to me.

  • adele

    ewww thats gross I SO agree. She's worked out so much her 'outie' belly button looks like a tiny penis & she has a boy's body. BTW did she ever learn her colors in Kindergarten? It's like she (Kelly) put on a top & some underwear (which also looks like she's packing tiny heat there too) Yech

  • gypsyred

    This is what happens from too much working out people. And no her face does not look good.. it looks emaciated and doesnt have the pretty roundness of a natural bit of fat. She looks.. just... strange..alien

  • Matt

    ewww thats gross

  • amber

    is that an aardvark trying to escape from her stomach? i cant stop laughing at wht u said

  • starstruck

    disgustinggg. she is truly a MAN

  • starstruck

    disgustinggg. she is truly a MAN

  • starstruck

    disgustinggg. she is truly a MAN

  • Gayle

    EWWWWWW I do not know how anyone finds this attractive, she looks like a man. Is she sickly and needs to eat? Maybe she has a hidden eating problem.

  • shelby

    she looks horribly annorexic. why is this attractive to anyone?

  • martini

    It's sad to think that she probably looks at herself and think she looks much better this way than she would if she got some curves. We all know now what is her mindset about herself and eeww who would like to deal with this?

  • Aquarius74

    Her breasts are too small, if not she would look amazing.

  • lc

    Shes got an outy

  • kafka

    He doesnt look that bad, but was he wearing a bikini top?

  • cathy

    that's gross! yucks the belly button ewwnness



  • ashlyn

    i luv her, but eeeewwww!!!!

  • Jennifer Manzi
    Jennifer Manzi

    Okay, gross.


    OMG!!! is that the CLIT??????

  • nini

    Need surgery quickly

  • BBWChaser

    She looks like a guy, it's so unfeminine to be that ripped. She's look way better with some curves. I totally agree

  • mal

    I read somewhere years ago, if it's an outtie that your not healthy? But I have to say, its not the best picture I've seen of her but I think she has 3 kids so she is in much better shape then some. Frankly she needs to never where that suit again, it makes her body look awful.

  • lala ooh lala
    lala ooh lala

    poor thing...she's had kids people. she looks great for what she's been through w/ kids. although the sweetie just needs to eat a little more. so much pressure from hollywood. plus if you breastfeed you lose tons of weight. give her a break. her husband is hot too!

  • no

    "Ladies, you must not work out." Whatsa matter? Afraid a lady might kick your ass?

  • mia

    i dont know how can anyone find this attractive! american men are faggy if they find this womanly! yuck!

  • Me

    Oh my. Totally ugly!!! :(

  • teriqua

    her boobs r not suiting her abs Ladies, you must not work out. If a female has ripped abs, she also has very little body fat. No body fat = No boobs. I think she would be more attractive if she fixed her belly button.

  • Nort Rich
    Nort Rich

    shyt !!!... kelly rippa's da bomb, when have you seen a mature sexy ladie in that much shap huh, xlolx. i'm real young but i'll still show her w'sup, LMAO!.

  • Viktah Braden
    Viktah Braden

    i got serviced from a crackhead that had THAT EXACT body. no lie.

  • hopfully luky guy
    hopfully luky guy

    mmmmmmm i think yum yum that girls in shape

  • Cherry_xD

    iuu!!qe fea esa tipa ajj!! she's UGLY

  • Female Admirer
    Female Admirer

    Just because you keep the fat off and work out does NOT mean you're attractive! She has no bust, no shape, and an ugly "outie" belly button.

  • ziggles

    When working-out goes terribly wrong. Somebody... make her stop!!!

  • I'm Just  Sayin'
    I'm Just Sayin'

    If she had a little more fat on her, the belly button would no longer be an "outie"

  • Barb

    She's built like a boy, and that belly-button thing is gross!

  • Ms.nicenasty

    She looks really nasty yuck!

  • tinkerbell99

    is that an aardvark trying to escape from her stomach? lmao you silly


    YESSSS!!! i guessed right she is always talking about her outtie on "Live with Regis and Kelly"

  • mo

    I love Kelly but she looks awful, WTF did she do to herself? She lost her femininity :(

  • MKO

    I think I would have that surgically corrected before being seen in a Bakini again!

  • Renee Miller
    Renee Miller

    Gym or not, I think she has a man body with a beautiful face. that's way over done! EWW!

  • kissy

    Sorry Her body is kinda GROSS her belly button looks like a lil baby winkie

  • ellet


  • alicia


  • dude

    Looks like her head is photo shopped onto someone elses body thats one ugly body

  • dan tobias
    dan tobias

    has regis seen this. whats with the protruding naval.

  • Dan

    I'd love for those thighs to crush me, I bet she is a total freak

  • deja

    haha she aint got no tits either lol

  • Holly Modisette
    Holly Modisette

    I can't stand her! She needs to eat something! There are NO curves on that body! And all that money she must make, can't she do something about that miniature penis protruding from her stomach?! UGH!!!

  • pj

    Please fix the belly button. And Kelly, you are not an athlete, so why constantly work out and not eat enough?

  • Lisa

    mmm, that's a bit mean, I think she looks cute :)

  • Besmarternow

    Her body is NOT great! It's starved. Who can't see that? She is such a Poster Child for chasing after the Media image. No SANE woman would ever, ever want to look like that! Look at the starving children in India and you'll see that they look JUST LIKE HER! How can that be alright? Her bones must be mush.

  • Tifa

    Ew?? That's so rude! I bet u people are SOOOOO ungly and jealous of Kelly!

  • HEY YOU!
    HEY YOU!

    Those monster thighs could crush the life out of you. thats really mean.

  • gloria cruz
    gloria cruz

    I just don't see the attraction there. I mean fine she goes to the gym, works out but do you have to over do it??? She looks weird. She's got money do something about that horrible looking belly penis, yuk!!

  • nick

    what is that an alien exploding from her belly button, that is plain nasty. harsh face.

  • itsmesnitches

    you know its done when the button pops out -- she's gone too far there's nothing left

  • Cody

    She had everything else pulled and tucked why didn't she have her navel fixed? It looks like she's hosting a parasite.

  • peace  out
    peace out

    look, "g", don't make fun of ppl's thighs. lots of people starve themselves to be thin. some even make themselves puke.

  • fredericaaaaaaaaa

    ewwwww lol

  • Beacon Lover
    Beacon Lover

    damn, i wish i had a dick on my belly like her .... ): im jealous.

  • Sanrizz Tiara
    Sanrizz Tiara

    OK, now that I have seen the whole picture, this woman should NOT be wearing a bikini AT ALL!!!!!

  • Paola Romero
    Paola Romero

    ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww her belly button is so wrong ! and her man boobs ewwwwww !!

  • karmie

    was she really born a man? ......like really she too ripped

  • april

    ugh...........she looks a hot damn mess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!gosh

  • pedro

    id hit it!

  • Guest

    Those monster thighs could crush the life out of you. girl needs to eat a pizza or two.

  • armydoll

    YUCK! Her body is one of a 14 year old boy who works out all the time. She thinks she looks cute but it just doesnt. If you cover her face sometimes on pictures her body really does look like she can be a little boy on roids

  • gueibor

    She's hot, but her penis is misplaced.

  • lep0186

    I think she looks terrible. That is not a great body. She has no curves and the belly button is not normal looking. If you remove her head, her body looks very masculine. She needs some curves.

  • kr1sty

    ok, when your belly button sticks out more than your boobs, you're TOO "toned".

  • September

    I try to not insult people but YUCK! She was much prettier when she first started with Regis and had some meat on her bones. And she really should have that THING sticking out of her gut fixed? It's GROSS!!!

  • Ang

    She looks great! Could be an umbilical hernia. But she looks amazing.

  • grossed out
    grossed out

    omg ew. i'd rather be fat

  • maria

    Well, she has a hot husband!

  • jungo rolongo
    jungo rolongo

    mix in a steak. most men are not attracted to this look. I admire her dedication to her diet and fitness. I'm sure she feels great, but I like a soft curvy woman with saft natural breasts.

  • Cori

    Ambilical Hernia. Just another wonderful thing your body will do after having beautiful babies (skinny women who return to their pre-pregnancy weight).

  • T_in_the_Mix

    Looks really ugly, eeeww :-s

  • franklin

    is that an aardvark trying to escape from her stomach?

  • bugs

    looks like a little penis

  • tewopj

    She looks like a guy, it's so unfeminine to be that ripped. She's look way better with some curves.

  • shasha

    her body is great. however, her boobs disgust me, please get them done.

  • anie

    her boobs r not suiting her abs

  • fdghdfg

    eeewwww, does she have boobs? she is so unporpotioned

  • yarimar


  • Christopher London
    Christopher London

    Kelly Ripa is RIPPED. Beautiful face and sick body.

  • g

    Those monster thighs could crush the life out of you.