Kim Kardashian If you aren

  • Kim Kardashian  If you aren
Kim Kardashian. If you aren't lucky enough to have a backside like Kim's there is no shame in padding! Get a long black wig (with part in the middle) and a black one-shouldered dress (preferably from the Kardashian by bebe collection) and you'll look like a reality star in no time.
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  • haha

    that us the biggest but i have ever seen i could proberly balance a plate in that lol :L

  • Mares

    Louboutin's always have a red sole..

  • prie

    i love her louboutons...(heels) i think thats how you spell that...anyway, shes always georgeous, and I wish her the best luck out of life.

  • findacure

    This is the weirdest picture of her backside I have ever seen! She looks like she has a tail! Very strange!