Celebrities In Nearly Nude PETA Ads

  • Celebrities In Nearly Nude PETA Ads
Eva Mendes shows some PETA love by going naked.
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  • another disgruntled reader
    another disgruntled reader

    To the author of this gallery: JESUS CHRIST. These people are naked. They are not clothed. They are posed by the people shooting the ads, they are not posing themselves. They look EXACTLY LIKE PETA WANTS THEM TO LOOK. They are strategically covering the bits that must be covered if the ad is to be shown publicly in the United States. If you have a problem with that, I'm sure you can find full frontal nudity in European ads.

  • M

    This would have been an enjoyable gallery if not for the author's inane and comments on every picture. "That word...it does not mean what you think it means." Check "naked" in the dictionary, dude. You sound like an idiot, and I couldn't even stand to look through the whole gallery because of it.


    See, here's the thing: As beautiful as she is, I honestly do not think PETA has the right to exploit the good nature of their cause by selling out Hollywood style by plastering popular actresses of the moment, just so people can stare and droll and hope for the best of these little animals. What I mean is that I think that this is just their cheap and fast way to get everyone to notice, clearly doing a good job with perverted lonely men gaping, but it just seems way to jocund and not what they are approaching-THE FRIGGEN CAUSE! PETA have yet managed a way to weasel their way into everyone's thoughts to get them choke hold and listen! Well, what do I know, I love animals and I'm not a perverted lonely man. I guess if it works, it works. Too bad Nazi PETA could not figure a better way to get everyone to care about animals without selling out epically bad! The end.

  • ass lova
    ass lova

    this is a hot hot hot senorita! muy guapa!

  • noah