Celebrities in Revealing Daisy Dukes: Deena Cortese

  • Celebrities in Revealing Daisy Dukes: Deena Cortese
Deena Nicole Cortese parties in Seside Heights, NJ on June 10, 2012.
Source: Pacific Coast News Online
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  • tahoegeminii

    what was all the hype about her losing weight-she looks fatter than ever

  • gi

    OMG, that is truly grotesque. This girls should be wearing LONG sweatpants and never shorts - of any kinds - with those ginormous legs and huge butt. So sad that no one cares enough about her to tell her she looks nasty.

  • afrika

    lol, awkward for you its quite obvious your not 'Nick', and your actually, 'Mitt'. only you Mitt write that same thing everywhere i turn, always about a woman who isnt a size 0, a woman who is curvy. Jessica Simpson is BEAUTIFUL, Deena Cortese? BEAUTIFUL.. remember this Mitt: curves are for men, bones are for dogs. xxx

  • sam

    God, I really wanted to sleep tonight, now I will have nightmares.

  • Nick

    Fat and ugly, Jessica Simpson type.

  • afrika

    Deena, why must you bee so cheeky?? see wat i did there ;) hahahaha