Celebrities Obsessed With '50 Shades of Grey'

  • Celebrities Obsessed With '50 Shades of Grey'
When talking about the role of Christian Grey, actor Alexander Skarsgard told Access Hollywood, "I was born to play that part."
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  • Julia Knowles Ungermah
    Julia Knowles Ungermah

    If you saw this man in true blood you would know that he is the perfect Mr. Grey. He has an intense stare. He is very tall. He looks much better on film then in pictures. His character in true blood is controlling and has an obsession and strong feelings with a woman that he never felt before. I really hope he gets the part.

  • Nanou Hemsworth Lutz
    Nanou Hemsworth Lutz

    I know right!

  • Nanou Hemsworth Lutz
    Nanou Hemsworth Lutz

    No you are not! You are not sexy enough! Ian is THE Christian Grey!

  • Kymmie

    Gotta agree w/him but if not him then Ian.

  • Giulia

    Alexander is right: he is really born to play that part.... Just perfect!!!!!!

  • Daniela Lopez
    Daniela Lopez

    Hahahahaha I agreee!

  • Daniela Lopez
    Daniela Lopez


  • rosad

    No way. He's not drop dead gorgeous. Perfect face people- sharp jaw, beautiful eyes- Zac efron type face has to play Christian- Zac, Ian Somerholder, Matt Bomer, Jessie Pavelka- Skarsgard looks too old and doesn't have a boyish look

  • Maynard Michael Griffith
    Maynard Michael Griffith

    Completely and utterly sexy, yet dangerous, and domineering. Yes it is his part! Or it better be!!

  • Silky Way
    Silky Way

    Ewwww, really? Ewwww.....

  • Michelle Barrett
    Michelle Barrett

    Hell no I beg for them not to choose him.

  • Jackii

    Watching him in True Blood and having read 50 Shades, I would have to agree! He actually came into mind when thinking of Christian Grey. He has the Sexy, Mysterious, Powerful qualities!

  • Joanna