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Lady Gaga: Sure, this is just another day for Lady G, but does transparent lace with the occasional doily really count as crime-free evening wear?
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  • Zadie

    you people obviously know nothing about Gaga, she is an AMAZING artist and performer. If you took the time to look into her, you might see that. Instead of just bashing her without knowing how truly talented she is.

  • Stanka Saskyova
    Stanka Saskyova

    I LOVE IT !!! I love her :-* Come on ppl !!! It's LADY GAGA !! She can wear ANYTHING !

  • Aquarius74

    She's got a beautiful body, but that outfit is ridiculous. She looks much better in her videos. I notice she's got a tatoo on her arm, like Kesha or Megan Fox : but for all 3 this is visually horrid.

  • KirstenS


  • geekface

    Nothing unusual there..

  • tj

    OMG WTF is that???? oh Lady Gaga.... there are no words

  • ew

    hum, I can see her nipple. and Im not liking it

  • sophie1986

    Why does she wants us to smell her armpits?