Celebrities Respond to Michael Jackson's Death

  • Celebrities Respond to Michael Jackson’s Death
"I can't find the words right now to express how deeply saddened I am by Michael's passing. We have lost a genius and a true ambassador of not only pop music but of all music. He has been an inspiration to multiple generations and I will always cherish the moments I shared with him on stage and all of the things I learned about music from him and the time we spent together. My heart goes out to his family and loved ones." - Justin Timberlake
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  • Cassie Mahan
    Cassie Mahan

    Sure, its not the best thing to be doing, but its not the worst either! Can anyone do anything without being criticized? Get off her back and go on about your own life, you don't have to like what she does. And plus, Its not like she is the first person to do this? I'm sure you did it in the 70s with all your friends.......

  • delisea

    youwrong polpe somkingweed is a bad i use to be a hahna fan

  • Mariam

    Look!I care about Miley cyrus so much because I love her she is my favorite singer she is so cute,so beautiful but I don't want her to smoke and I want to tell you whatever she do I still love her

  • Mariam

    Look!I care about Miley cyrus so much because I love her she is my favorite singer she is so cute,so beautiful but I don't want her to smoke and I want to tell you whatever she do I still love her

  • Mariam

    Look!I care about Miley cyrus so much because I love her she is my favorite singer she is so cute,so beautiful but I don't want her to smoke and I want to tell you whatever she do I still love her

  • melody

    heyy i think this is a inappropiate thing for her att melody ND DAROLIN

  • Amber

    Dude lol the first time I seen this I cood not stop laughing! haha honestly i never really cared for miley, but after this lol now im thinkin she wood be fun to hang with haha....so wat if she smoked it! when ur young your suppose 2 do stupid stuff lik this lmao plus people shood giv her a break...it was her 18th b-day hehe

  • visha

    for me she's just a person everbody makes mistakes maybe she didn't mean to..............

  • Tabbykat


  • Daisy Liz Lopez
    Daisy Liz Lopez

    shes a kis clebraty every little kid looks up to her because of her roll hannah montana kids like my siblings search her on the internte just to see her and they find her smoking a bong and her nasty pictures, she really needs to stop being stupid like that, she should know little children look up to her and she should set an example

  • heaven

    I thought it was funny! I mean, here she is, a disney bubblegum pop start smoking a bong! It is freaking hilarious! I want more! Lets see her party like a rock star!

  • jake

    i was smoking crack at 17

  • jeny

    come on she is 18 she can do watever she wants i am still going to love you no matter wat you doooo.

  • annna

    maybe it's not her !

  • aliyah

    I think it is inappropiete to d that wat r the fans gonna say they will say they never really liked her and me too does she realy want that

  • boog00

    OMg. Does it really matter. let the girl smoke do what she wants. its just some fake ass weed!! GO Mileyy:)

  • Regina

    why would i like her

  • Anonymous

    why you did this why?????





  • dakota

    r u ppl crazy now shes going to get fired prob ok c yall r just supporting her and if she gets fired guess who's fellings r going to get hurt ,littel kids, yall r stupid

  • tanya leung
    tanya leung

    im not fan of cyrus, but if any of you have ever done marijuana or something from a bong and you are critisizing her your a hippocrite, ur children will get teh drugs one way or another... think of rockstars back in the 80s and 90s.. oh yah.. they are so much better... because than... everything was legal...

  • Becky

    Really people the only ones who tell our kids about this stuff is US! Do you really think the fans of Hannah Montana know what she's doing or even what drug she is doing? She's not a kid anymore and we shouldn't allow ourselves to believe she is. We should be our kids role models not some stupid rich kids who make to much money doing nothing.

  • Molly

    OMG every single teenager does this! Please adults, dont try to say you have never been introduced to drugs or drinking when you were young? She is just curious and shes growing up. Just because shes a star doesnt mean we can hate on her for that???? cmmon if you can hatte on her for her actions like this, then you really have problems cuz i bet you have more problems then her!!!!!

  • rocchic

    why do the media hate Miley Cyrus...i love her.. she is my idol!! just becuase Miley is in the spotlight the media make a big deal outta everything..i dont think she did smoke weed if im honest..but even if she did thats her choice and the whole world shouldnt have to know about her business.. i wish the media would give her a break..everything she does she just gets critiized for.. like when she aparrantly pole dance at the Teen Choice Awards..when she didnt.. she dance around it not on it! she only gets victimised because she is still young and is a role model to most young girls!! JUST LEAVE HER ALONE!!

  • jake

    ok i agree a lot of little girls look up to her but what girl goes online and types in miley cyrus smoking salvia? and how many little girls even know what salvia is? i mean really

  • eRIKA


  • liz9

    wow shes a slut! i use to look up to her so much i hate her now everyone does whoever doesnt is f*ckin retarted i mean the bong video wow shes a whore she can go to hell for all i care and i am not going to be surpirsed to hear on the news shes dying of drug over dose

  • Kim

    Ppl need to leave the poor girl alone! Everybody keeps targeting her because she's a disney star but reminder she's not Mikey Mouse she's human.

  • Jon

    I don't think it's a big deal. However, if you're a celebrity, you might want to keep stuff like that away from cameras anyway. To the people saying "my kids look up to her, what are they going to think?" Quit letting child stars be role models for your children. You wouldn't let some random stranger from the streets mentor your children, and letting some random celebrity do it is no different. Turn off the TV and teach your kids what's right and wrong.

  • jenny felix
    jenny felix

    And some people who are worried about what their kid think umm..hello their be her age at one point and know its not a big deal and she liveing life and havin fun.lol:)

  • jenny felix
    jenny felix

    Miley I feel for you, your just a teenager like the rest of us and you want to live life and have fun without worring what others think.:) because I'm right their with you! So just make sure no camaras are around because you never know who actually has your back.love you:)

  • Doug

    Might be a carear move ! from pappas little girl to bad as teenager. and what happened !!!!! omg

  • Mori

    Ohmyf*ckinggod. I don't give a f*ck if it's legal or not. A teen role model should not be doing drugs, ESPECIALLY not on video. She's a stupid, spoiled brat and she's out of control. She's NOT normal, she IS different from us. She chooses to get up there everyday and get on TV and have young children watch her show. Even if Hannah Montana is ending, it's not over yet (I don't think?), and even if it was, the show JUST ended. She's still in the spot light for kids everywhere. If she wanted a NORMAL life, where she could do drugs all she damn well pleased, then she shouldn't have became a child icon. But she did choose to become Hannah Montana, and for now, she has to live with her choices. I'm not saying she should sit at home and knitt, but she shouldn't be doing this stupid ass sh*t. I'm 16 and I've never touched drugs - and trust me, I'm living my life and loving it. There are better things to do then get high. Especially when you're rich and famous. My family is poor and I still find fun things to do.

  • Me

    who cares, so what she's normal, get over it and write about something important that people actually care about. Stop targeting young celebs doing the same crap the rest of us have done in our lives at one point or another.

  • tinytina3

    she is a slut point blank she is gonna be the next brittany spears. she is throwing away her money carrear and fame

  • jaida graham
    jaida graham

    y? y do this think about your fans im very upset wit uu

  • Andy

    As a father of two little girls 5 and 8 who look up to the young role models like Miley Cyrus, I find it inappropriate. I am not against what she actually did, and support the lagallization of Marijuana. The problem I have is the lack of respect fot the position as a role model she holds. I realixe she is a legal adult, but she doesn't play one for THE DISNEY CHANNEL! Everyone has to grow up at some point, and I don't begrudge her that. But, kids are being exposed to societies ills earlier and earlier in their lives every day. I would like to see a child star not crack and rebel for once. Or, at the very least, not surround themselves with fake people who just want to exploit them. Yes she is an adult, I say smoke away, have a good time. Please, just don't play and profit to and off of young children if your going to make that decision. And yes, my 8 year old is whtching Hanna Montana as I write this. And for you Billy Ray.... SHAME ON YOU. You resurected you Achey Brakey career through your daugher, and act as if you have no control over what she does.... How about that photos shoot a few years back.... You are the guilty party for her actions.

  • breadboy

    wtf ...It's no big deal.

  • breadboy

    wtf It's no big deal.

  • maia

    miley and lindsy must be very closs if they both triying to get high

  • AwesomeKid

    Holy crap people, this IS a big deal! I know it's legal and that crap, but a bunch of little kids look up to her! You don't the future grownups of today smoking psychedelic crap!! She just made an idiotic choice. She could of just got over it.

  • H8T3D

    I think you people need to get a grip and look in the mirror, whats being a "children and teen icon" have to do with what she does on her own time? She is human, not a puppet!!! Also in her late teens, she should not be raped of her teen years and be told what not to do on her own time.. It's not even like she was doing anything illegal she smoked a herbal substance that is legal. Would it be any different if it was nicotine? How about caffeine? These are two drugs that the government taxes and most of you criticizing do in your everyday lives. How many of you smoke nicotine, drink alcohol in front of your own children? Or even encourage your kids to drink caffeine products? You should be a role model to your own children right? People need to stop looking at celebrities as if they are different than anyone else, they have lives just like you. They drink, eat and pat taxes just like anyone else...



  • JAlina

    umm owkae i dnt knoe why people care 4 !!xx Its her body gosh !x Its called MYOB !!!!!!!

  • Emmi

    ok so its legal but its still not ok i love her we need to give her support someone make a miley cyrus support page please please MILEY CYRUS NEEDS OUR HELP SHE IS AN AMAZING PERSON THIS IS JUST ONE WRONG MOVE PLEASE HELP HER IF YOUR TRUE FAN YOU'LL HELP HER I'D MAKE A PAGE BUT I DON'T KNOW HOW

  • em2361

    dont wory girl,its not as bad as people want you to beleive,dont let it get to you,,it wasnt aginst the law,people need to mind their own ,not judge you

  • jazzspazz 1009
    jazzspazz 1009

    just beacause ya mom n dad break up dont mean u gotta start smoking like slow ya role y u rushin ya death n besides now you got all these lil girlz that look up to u wanting to smoke

  • ashantis

    whii in da world iz all yall worryin about her personal life like seriously how many of yall can say dat yall have neva smoke b4 matter of a fact she smokin legal most of yall smoke sum stuff dat can kill yall dumb ass yra miley did sum dat was uncalled 4 but hay itz her life in not urs so miley do wat yu do girlfriend in have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    All of you who said what miley cyrus did was bad, should just shut the f*ck up. shes an 18yo celebrity that is watched constantly by ALL of you hippo's. all she wants to do is have some fun without worrying what all the wanna be fanboys think. your all just a bunch of bitches. GROW UP!!!

  • anaytat

    she's supposed to be a role model for young girls and she' s over there hitting the bong wth!

  • mileycyrusvirusx

    I love Miley Cyrus so obviously im going to support her. But seriously, she being a teenager. Experimentng. Trying new things. You can't expect her never to put a food wrong, she will learn from her mistakes in time. She's clearly just living life to the full:)

  • Danielle smith
    Danielle smith

    who cares what she is smokeing that is her bissness, she is a normal person like the rest of us leave her alone. miley love you girl

  • charity

    she's a teenager who happens to be famous. would we be freaking out if there was a non-famous teenager smoking it and there were pictures of them on the internet? i think not.

  • JJ

    Miley, these people are NOT your friends. No friend would be with you as you smoked anything and then release the picture to the press.. Stop it NOW!!! Do not become a statistic...........

  • Jazmin

    its amazingly sad that she was and is an idol for many young girls. Does she deserve any of it? NO. just because she landed a role on a tv show and not to forget to mention her father is 'that on guy that sings achey breaky heart' i didnt even know who sang it until 2 weeks ago, no lie; anywho the fact of the matter is that just because she is famous there isnt much being done. If it was an average teen being video taped authorities might be cracking their head to confirm it isnt pot thats being smoked. i never liked her shes a horrible actress, cant sing for shxt and just sucks. the reason why shes famous still baffles me.

  • Alli

    A lot of little girls look up to her in her Hannah Montana show and movies. She is sending the wrong messages to them. What a Shame!

  • Kori

    who gives a f*ck even if shes 18 jus leave her alone she an adult Miley jus go an smoke wat eva was in dat bong

  • Shad

    She is a Disney roll model for kids! I mean who cares if she smokes just take her off Disney! real talk!

  • Loretta

    Why would anybody be surprised? Isn't that normal for all these young Hollywood sluts? First the videos, now the bong, next will be the many arrest.

  • Taylor

    i don't care if you teenagers think that its okay for miley to smoke salvia from a bong, but when my 7 year old watches Hannah Montana every week, and wants to be like her, now that's a problem... Miley is supposed to be a role model, and whether she likes it or not her fan base starts at about 5. She JUST turned 18 and was already wearing and doing innappropriate things.

  • jane

    Well......here we go again! Move over Lyndsey!

  • love-bug

    let it go! it's legal and if u want something to talk about, go and take some pics of all the other teens around the world doing worse things such as ILEGAL drugs ect...dumb-asses

  • Lauren M
    Lauren M

    That dosnt even look like her! If it is I don't belive you guys and leave her the hell alone! Give her some privacy!!!!! So f*ck you guys.

  • liam

    wow.... dumass will never learn no wonder she cant keep a bf

  • chris

    you couldn't tell me anything either at her age,I found out the hard way,after 17 years of trying to kill myself the cowardly way,paranoid,you gotta hit bottom,and it will take a long time ---sit back,and take a chill pill.

  • Michael Dodge
    Michael Dodge

    Well, it is a big deal. When you have children who watch Hanna Montana & listen to her music they tend to want to be like that person. That is the way kids are. So when there idol is open with smokeing be it cigeretts or legal dope it sends the message that it is okay. Now, if your going to do things such as what she was caught doing. Atleast be smart enough to be private about it & make sure no one films you doing it. Because when your in the light like Miley is you cant let the public know. Mainly the kids who look up to you.

  • kloe

    lighting up is a shurefire way to lose your singing voice...i hope she doesnt like the buzz from the fake pot so much that she takes it up regularly.if your going to ruin your voice miley..do it with the real stuff the way nature intended..only a kid would film themselves doing that to begin with..dumb move young lady..ALOT of people are going to be pissed off about it..me?not so much...silly girl i think its completely here bussines WHAT! she does..if she wants to smoke weed guess what its her life its her body its her business i think people like you coming on complaining like shes untouchable like shes not allowed to smoke weed yer the people that need to grow a pair and realise that the young one is only human NOT silly human and anyone that dosnt make mistakes in this world need to get serious help cause thats completley wierd!!!.you say alot of people are going to be pissed! why should she care about what people think of her she is already now rolling in the money shes obvouisly knows what shes doing shes 18 years old and the decition now is up to her if she wants to ruin her voice..if you like her show support and maybe say I think you will ruin ur voice if u keep that up im a fan and i support you all the way watever way u decide to live ur life...if ur not a fan and you dont care about what she does..WHY leave a comment..would you believe im not even a big fan of miley my youngest sister is but it just strikes me when you say alot of poeple wont be happy..why should miley have to listen to our comments and take them into consideration...who are we to tell her!..this comment isnt just for you its for everyone that are wrighting about this young girl...and it annoyes me when people come on sites like this just to call names when there not even fans..i seen a comment about kim kardashians younger sisters..some guy calling them names and expecting kim not to be normal if she puts up a few pounds shes 2 big..looses some shes too thin..(HER BUISNESS)..i think miley made the decition to smoke some weed shes only young her parents dosnt need to see stuff like this wrote about there daughter and its not makin mileys personal life with her parents any easier!..my point, if you support her write about that if you dont support her i would say dont even look at her business for what reason if you dont like the girl..the paps and people NEED to lay off the clebs there what cause mayhem and people like us leaving nasty comments.. i think in mileys sub-contious mind she taped herslef because she is giving the paps what they want not even herself wanting to get caught..,and again this comment isnt just for you its for everyone to see Leave the girl alone..and let her have and make the experiments that most of us have as teens let her be normal to some degree! SHE IS HUMAN

  • Maria Martinez
    Maria Martinez

    Omgee leave her alone i would totally do that too but im still 15 ( booo that sucks ) anyways come on its miley she's still badass! wooo and not that im not saying that what she did is okay for little kids but it is for old grown ups! so dont be tripping about it peeps lol

  • Mercedes

    omq.f*ck whut they say miley its your life. people dont understand you only live once and your going to try thing but just stay away from the bad hard crack stick with a little smoking her and there. remember f*ck them and do what you want too do

  • Jennifer

    some people dont know what salvia is.. it doesnt get 'hot' it smokes just like marijuana.. your supposed to smoke it out of a pipe, but it doesnt work as well. and it only lasts for a few minutes. it doesnt make you want to lay down and enjoy your trip. idiot.. you obivously have never done it before because it doesnt last like shrooms or acid. she was definetly smoking salvia. also, weed doesnt throw you into a giggle fit that quick, nor do you hallucinate. have any of you ever even smoked weed? haha, apparently not. or salvia for that matter. and salvia is LEGAL! just because she wants to have a bit of fun doesnt mean you all need to judge her. dont act like your so perfect and have never had any fun. pull the stick out of your butt and get the hell over it.

  • Tessie

    I think that most Americans have done things that they would frown upon in celebrities. There only human. For all we know she never wanted this to be exposed. Plus its not like little children are really likely to see this. Get over it... Tessie

  • -___-

    NO bigg deal i bet most of these people commenting own a bong lmaooo!

  • Judy

    I guess when you turn 18 it gives you the right to act stupid!! She has been a role model for many years to younger kids now she is ruining it. Dumb as a rock!!!

  • billieroxanne420

    man... leave miley alone. SHE'S 18 NOW, HATERS!!!! get 'em, miley! take a hit for me :) man, i wish i had some of those frosted flakes!!! P.S. SHOUTOUT TO BILLY RAY

  • Alexxius

    That is not right.. you guys say who cares.... my child looks up to hannah and this is how she is portrayed i dont want my child thinking that smoking anything thats so called legal is okay... it is so not, who cares if she just turned 18 did you see thats so raven on here like this? hell no, so that sh*t you guys are talking bout is dumb as hell....

  • cheri

    Why does this girl wear anything up around her neck. She has no neck and it makes her even look worse.

  • jasmine

    you know, it probably wouldnt be that big of a deal but there are so many little girls that look up to her. my neice being one of them. its just not right.

  • Daniel

    Come one guys... really? Gummy... you want her to stay 12 her whole life or what? Teen icon or not, she should be allowed to do what she wants as long as she isn't hurting anyone else. And if the media wasn't so hung up on bringing up trivial things like this, your "teen idol's" recent actions wouldn't be a factor.

  • GummyBunny09

    I think that even if its legal its not appropieate for a Children and teen icon to do something like this.. im scared that my kids wanting to follow her foot steps.. Being drug its the same legal or not.. And a girl in that "mood" can be raped or forced to do things she dont even no she dont wants... Its sow wrong...for all the kids and teen girls.. I guess she just dont understands the big influence as a roll model she makes on all the kids :"( Its sow sad..

  • tim

    she has been a spoiled kid almost her whole life. I don't think her parents have had any control over her for a long time. she will most likely be found O.D. someday . She needs more care from people around her that really care about her.She is not an adult, she is just out of control.

  • aware1

    lighting up is a shurefire way to lose your singing voice...i hope she doesnt like the buzz from the fake pot so much that she takes it up regularly.if your going to ruin your voice miley..do it with the real stuff the way nature intended..only a kid would film themselves doing that to begin with..dumb move young lady..ALOT of people are going to be pissed off about it..me?not so much...silly girl

  • Sean

    Who cares what she is doing as long as it is legal. Even if it were marijuana that she is smoking at least she isn't smoking crack or shooting up heroin. There are much worse things in this world that she could be doing, even drinking alcohol is worse for you and more addictive than salvia or marijuana. People need to chill about what these celebrities are doing.

  • vs

    Guess she is friends with Lindsay Lohan...keep trying...you'll be an addict/slut just like your friend. What a shame...

  • Mindy James
    Mindy James

    OMG PEOPLE!! Just like it said she just turned 18 get off her ass! Its her music and movies you should be taping and photographing not her personal life. She is human just like everyone else. So I think you should give the girl a break, besides she's already set financially for the rest of her life. Thats more than I can say and I'm 31 years old. I'm sure thats more than alot of people that is downing her for smoking some legal pot.

  • claudia