Celebrities Who Have Done Full Frontal Nudity

  • Celebrities Who Have Done Full Frontal Nudity
Christian Bale in 'American Psycho'
Source: Am Psycho Productions
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  • Lou

    Perhaps you are not aware of the definition of "full frontal nudity" or perhaps you have simply not done your research. But almost half of these actresses have done only topless or rear nudity, leaving your credibility in tatters. To misquote Cuba Gooding, "show me the pussy!" Among those women who have NOT YET showed us their goodies on your list are Halle Berry and Angeiina Jolie. It's one thing to say "nudity" (misleading but more general) but if you are going to claim full frontal,. you sure as hell better back that up. And in this case, you have not, because you cannot. Fortunately there are other sites (CNDB and Mr. SKin being the best) where they stand behind their claims---or don't make them at all.