Republican Celebrities: Jessica Simpson

  • Republican Celebrities: Jessica Simpson
Jessica endorsed President Bush in 2004. "We are huge fans of him and of his family, his girls," Joe Simpson said to E!. "Jessica loves the heck out of him."
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  • C.

    Love, her. She is smart, and does not follow the mostly Hollywood sheep politics. She is sophisticated but has a cuteness to her and I would be proud to call her my sister, daughter, mom or neighbor. Go Jessica!

  • gruber

    So I'm the one who's pathetic 'redaerpil'? I'm not the one praising some fairy tale every Sunday morning like a child, or believing there's 72 virgins waiting for me. Just some advice, grow up you toddler.

  • redaerpil

    shut your trap Gruber, your pathetic. keep your Godslashing comments to yourself, buddy.

  • gruber

    I rest my case Jean. If you had a thread of reasoning you'd think differently. Keep watching Fox and praising Jesus.

  • Jean

    I think I would rather be an uneducated country hick than a dumb, Lazy, what something for nothing lib dem. Once you people get jobs and see how much of yout tax dollors are spent on the lazy, then there will be only REPBLICANS.

  • gruber

    Like every fat, uneducated, country hick. People who call themselves republican or right wing should take some time and educate themselves on world issues and get with the evolving world. Once you people do that, there will be NO more republican party.

  • kamii

    nothing wrong with Bushy, so go Jess!!!