Celebrities Who Have Bangs

  • Celebrities Who Have Bangs
Goodbye poof, hello bangs! Snooki ditches her signature Jersey hair for a more sophisticated look. We approve.
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  • Stephanie Jonathan
    Stephanie Jonathan

    What is with her skin colour?? jeezee...what a "hot" mess

  • courtneybaaaby


  • Angela Little Miller
    Angela Little Miller

    Her look is comical. I laugh everytime I see her; she is a hot mess!

  • Melody Bezzeard
    Melody Bezzeard

    she looks like an umpa loompa.....cut back on the spray tan...

  • HannahB

    Snooki looks hot without the poof x

  • Nicole

    Anyone who thinks Snooki isn't ugly is either blind or indenial. She is hideous. I wish MTV would stop brainwashing our poor generation with such scum. It is so not classy, motivational, or worthy of anyone times.

  • !

    She is not ugly! You people are just saying that because you don't like her!

  • barbara02

    She's terribly ugly and fat! Who am I to judge her? Someone who's ashame to not expose myself on TV with that face and that body! How MTV let her join "Jersey Shore". OMG!!

  • mikele

    are you kidding me? not even if i was HAMMERED drunk

  • marlene medrano
    marlene medrano

    girl dont worry what all this people say they are just hating on u because u are alsome i see jersey shore every nite u are the juck love u

  • Katrina Dyer
    Katrina Dyer

    OMG Snooki!! I saw you in the club Rockin that new VIN POLI!! OMGEE Where can I get one????? Anyone know???

  • moonwalk

    OMG i cant take the look of this girl. I don't even no who she is and why does she look so red!?

  • imaluvjerry

    What? No Jared Padalecki? His fans has been begging him to get his bang back for four years in a row now.

  • Ange

    She's so ugly and wears so much makeup and fake tan... I'm sure she'd look much better without it all. Can't she see it???