Celebrities Who Pose Nude in Print

  • Celebrities Who Pose Nude in Print
Katie Holmes shows skin for H. Stern jewelry ad.
Source: H. Stern
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  • 212

    woah, chillax babes! 1. she isnt nude, she is wearing a bra, just with the straps down, you cannot see any front of boobage, so i dont know what your on about & 2. she isnt Tom's 'property' anymore, she is finally a free woman from the clutches of that evil Tom and his terrible cult. CIAO BONITA!

  • mileyismylife

    Katie is incredibly pretty.

  • beatles64

    Well now she is clearly not nude, is she? There is a bra with bra straps! Duuuuurr.

  • Michelle

    What?? Tom Cruise let her do that?? Scientologists, throw stones, BURN HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!