Celebrities Who've Claimed To Be Just Friends

  • Celebrities Who've Claimed To Be Just Friends
In 2009 Drew Barrymore and Justin Long claimed to be just friends after they broke up. In an interview with Ellen she stated, "We’re good friends, and we’re doing a film this summer,” Drew said, noting, “and I think it’s very confusing.”
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  • mattie

    Drew and Justin are a better couple than Drew and Will. I never believed in them, I guess we will hear about a divorce soon.

  • mileyismylife

    oh my gosh, they seriously were the most perfect couple! they were my favourites, i swear they were too adorable! but i'm really happy to hear about Drew and her new fiancee's engagement and baby news, wishing that gorgeous girl all the best, and wishing Justin the very best aswell :)