Celebrity Bikini Bods of 2011

  • Celebrity Bikini Bods of 2011
Mel B bears her baby bump in an animal print bikini.
Source: SplashNews
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  • priscilla

    Ugh my eyes!

  • yuk

    Ugh I just puked in my mouth after looking at that horrible beast.

  • livesinafairytale

    I don't understand why she is on this list. Sorry, I get that she's pregnant. But ew.

  • Natasha Young
    Natasha Young

    i bet this person must be pulled out from his dad's ass when he was born...ugh!

  • Erika Kapele
    Erika Kapele

    ummm not everyone looks like that pregnant. I have a 2 yr old and definitely did not come CLOSE to that size while pregnant. But everyone's body is different, and she is a fitness guru who i'm sure will get back to shape in no time.

  • citygirl

    Girl has some confidence to pose in a bikini, pregnant. I think she looks fine. Plus she will get her normal shape back just like she did before.

  • Cindy

    it's too late for that brain dead fool too grow up..

  • Mari-Lyn

    your gross... pregnancy is beautiful... and amazing....and wonderful... without it you sure wouldnt be here now would you?? grow up some wont ya?

  • tom

    That is a gross photo. Keep it covered if you look like that. For the one poster pregnancy is not an act of god. It is ana act of two people. You sound like a stupid brain washed idiot.

  • jhildebrand40

    Pregnancy is a wonderful thing and an amazing act of God and what he is capable of yes your tummy pops out but if you are lucky you will lose all the weight real quick like I did. There is nothing ugly about this picture. She is a beautiful woman pregnant or not.

  • James Lane
    James Lane


  • yikes

    that looks so effing freaky- i never want to get pregnant, FUCK THAT