Celebrity Bikini Bods of 2011

  • Celebrity Bikini Bods of 2011
Lea Michele shows of her bikini body before shooting on season 3 of 'Glee' begins.
Source: SplashNews
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  • priscilla

    Ewww she looks like a dolphin!

  • sin

    Where did her titties go?

  • jordan00

    stop being jealous shes wayyy prettier than you!

  • Butt Lovin Bear 401
    Butt Lovin Bear 401

    Most celebrities look different without their makeup

  • Ermaafidah Afiezal
    Ermaafidah Afiezal

    She need a bust!

  • Kyla Hill
    Kyla Hill

    no honey im very happy and you don't even know me why you calling me 'talentless'

  • hotpiece

    you're a #bittertalentlesshag

  • Kyla Hill
    Kyla Hill

    not cute at all! #disgusted

  • citygirl

    She is normal looking and the girl has a set of pipes!

  • courtneybaaaby

    pretty sure im Pauly D's wife so change your name

  • PaulyD's Wiffie
    PaulyD's Wiffie

    Looks like a man in a bikini... Sorry