Celebrity Bikini Bods of 2011

  • Celebrity Bikini Bods of 2011
Olivia Palermo shows off her bikini bod as she vacations with boyfriend Johannes Huebl in St. Barts on January 4, 2011.
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  • yuk


  • Lisa

    She has no curves nothing!!!

  • Ashley Austin
    Ashley Austin


  • hotpiece

    Not true! Boob jobs looks fine if you pick a natural size. This girl's gotta be like an AA so imagine how good she'd look with a pair of full As or small Bs. Boobs that small are naturally perky just like impants, and it would match the size of her body and it would look good!!

  • Cindy

    yes she does look malnourished..and she better eat morre than a piece of lettuce in the future or she is going to collapse

  • .......

    small boobs can also be beautiful, besides its mature to accept your body as it is and find the beauty in it. Besides boob jobs still look soooo fake,

  • Alexandraaa

    Everyone who says that she is flat chested or needs implants-grow up. Some people can't help where their fat goes. I have small boobs and I know a lot of guys who love them. So if you are saying rude comments, then you are immature.I;m sure your body isn't perfect.

  • kiwi

    She has no booty at all! But does look healthy tho skinny.

  • Natalia

    i think that she doesnt know that mcdonalds exists!!

  • dshawn4

    i don't get that tummy-chest thing.... she needs a burger no better she need a new mirror

  • Stiffler

    She is very flat chested, but does not look malnourished like so many others.

  • Alyssa

    Eww, she's been flat ironed.

  • ArniesLuvChild

    looks like a lit'l boy.

  • gord

    she doesn t need a cheeseburger , she needs implants

  • oliverjd

    go & eat a cheeseburger

  • Karen

    She looks starved, just like dozens of others. They say the camera adds ten lbs. to their looks, but those bones that stick out must look ten times as large also, and flat is flat, that does not look good at all.

  • cutie

    oh my god she looks disgusting

  • Nicole

    As a girl with completely flat chest I think she looks nice. With her tiny frame she could not even have more curvy figure. Cheers :)