Celebrity Bikini Butts: Kim Kardashian

  • Celebrity Bikini Butts: Kim Kardashian
A look at the hottest bikini butts in Hollywood.
Source: Splash News Online
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  • Joanna

    uhm...i said her butt was fake, not that she was fat idiot!

  • Katie

    shes definitely not fat or a slob and lazy? really? she works out twice a day and the rest of the time she's working, filming, shooting an ad, managing her multiple businesses, going to events, while your here scrolling through pictures of asses. Yes, she's sooo lazy

  • realityhater

    Her butt is HUGE because she's a lazy fat slob

  • dodgergrl

    her butt is big due to fat injections.

  • Alie

    Her butt is big because thats where she gains her weight.. Its not due to any muscle exercise.