Hugh Grant s marriage to Elizabeth

  • Hugh Grant s marriage to Elizabeth
Hugh Grant's marriage to Elizabeth Hurley dissolved following his embarrassing arrest after being caught with prostitute Divine Brown.
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  • jerseydevil43

    this website cannot even use google to set some simple facts straight? wanna give me a job? i can at least get al the facts straight when i put together a slideshow.

  • dawncflv

    LOL!!! I was about to say the same thing!!

  • Dawn winters
    Dawn winters

    dont tell me he cheated with some crazy jamaican lookin dude??<3

  • LR

    hugh is an asshole, never liked him never will.

  • Mrs Whit
    Mrs Whit

    Not only were they never married, they stayed together for years after the scandal broke, and are still very close friends.

  • Smarterthanyou

    You people are supposed to be giving us the facts- not us having to correct you.... Hugh and Elizabeth were never married... DUH!