Woody Allen s infidelity tale is

  • Woody Allen s infidelity tale is
Woody Allen's infidelity tale is one of the oddest to emerge from Hollywood, as he began a relationship with wife Mia Farrow's daughter, Soon Yi.
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  • AngelRay

    that's sooooo disgusting!!!

  • Jenni Elisabeth Rocha
    Jenni Elisabeth Rocha

    It's not nice to use racist terms.

  • Phoenix

    Lmao, this is just crazy.

  • Sofiia Daphne Jamora Barry
  • Dee

    Mia and Woody were together for twelve years, he met Soon Yi when she was 5. Also, he started his 'relationship' with Soon Yi before she was even 18.

  • LR

    that fucken chink never had it so good if not for mia she would still be eating cats out of a garbage can! by the way woody wise up its all about the money

  • kate

    They're still together all these years later, but it seems so unpleasant, poor mia! Loosing your whole family - bham! :(

  • Yum

    umm.. ew? o_O

  • Emma

    Okay, that's just nasty.