Wade Williams' Super Bowl Recipes: Mini Burgers

  • Wade Williams' Super Bowl Recipes: Mini Burgers
Kobe Beef SlidersWade served them to Zach Braff at every "Scrubs" wrap party.2 lbs. of ground Kobe beef12 mini hamburger buns or Hawaii rolls1 tsp. salt1 tsp. cracked black pepper2 tbsp. of Worcester sauce 2 tbsp. olive oil1 diced white onion1 cup grated sharp Cheddar cheeseDirections:Mix the Kobe beef with  dry ingredients. Form into small ½ inch mini burgers. Make sure pan is hot before you apply meat. Sautee in pan with olive oil, Worcester sauce and diced onion. Cook until meat is firm or cooked to your liking. Top with grated Cheddar  and serve with your favorite mustard or ketchup.Cooking time: 20 minutesServes 4
Source: Wade Williams
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