Katherine Heigl

  • Katherine Heigl
Katherine Heigl attends the Paris Premiere of 'One For The Money' film at Cinema Gaumont Marignan on January 31, 2012 in Paris, France.
Celebrity Cleavage: Guess Who?
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  • Selma

    Love the dress!

  • Glenda Jo McFarland
    Glenda Jo McFarland

    I cannot STAND Katherine Heigl......ever since she left Grey's Anatomy,she thinks she is such a hottie!!! You make me sick!! Honey,ANYBODY with enough money to get lipo,implants,fillers,full body make-overs and FAKE teeth even can look good!! (BTW,one of your boobs is smaller than the other...or maybe they are just lop-sided...IDK.