Lindsay Lohan

  • Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay showed off her cleavage at an event in NYC on Sept. 14, 2011.
Source: Fame Pictures
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  • Leila

    I love everything about me and my life. I'm thnkaful every morning that I am alive, in good health, have an active lifestyle, have beautiful and amazing family and friends, am blessed with the best pit bull terrier pup ever, have a fun and stressful career, food on the table, money in the bank, and yet have enough to share via charity donations. Life is Good. Not Perfect, but absolutely Lovely.

  • justaguy


  • lensman

    the drugs have made her look worn out... just like anyone or not. Hell...remember how bad robert downey looked for years? Now's he's just old.

  • Roberto de la Cruz
    Roberto de la Cruz

    i like lindsay-xxxx

  • citygirl

    She looks so old...

  • Frank Johnston
    Frank Johnston

    No kidding. She's been built like a brick crapper since she was in her mid-teens. Either a woman or a gay who hasn't followed her career wrote the first comment.

  • Seriously

    Those aren't implants you nut! She's stacked!

  • eyemjustsayin

    yeah, those implants sticking out the expensive dress that she is supposedly broke in, really make me want to see her in movies and take her seriously. . .ahahahahahah