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Katy Perry = Zooey Deschanel
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  • Grant

    Zooey is SOOO much better looking than Katy Perry.... "tatts09 i love zooey deschanel but katy perry is way hotter…she looks like a real life doll..lame..but true." That's because she has had plastic surgery. Dolls = Plastic. Katy is fake, and looks like shit unless her make-up artist goes to work.

  • Zsófi

    wait. so the left is the not real katy and the left one is?

  • Doc

    More like Katy Perry > Zooey Deschanel... especially from the neck down!

  • Priscilla

    I always thought they looked alike. When Katy Perry 1st came out, I thought it was Zooey with a new look and sound in her music. Sure they're not long-lost twins?

  • Naomi

    I think she looks like Jayma Mays. Y'know Emma from Glee? Yeah her with black hair.

  • sarah

    and they both look like emily blunt!

  • caro

    well,,,, zooey it's more pretty than katy ups!

  • Lola Bunni
    Lola Bunni

    I saw Robin Tunney on television a few nights ago (Fallon maybe?) and noticed that she looked like Katy Perry to me (I didn't know who Robin Tunney was before then). I did a search on Twitter and real-time results for Robin Tunney Katy Perry and so many other people thought the same thing! I also think they look like Zooey also. Robin Tunney looks like a slightly older version in my opinion. I couldn't find a picture online that looked as striking as she did on the show.

  • misha4itwaskewl

    except Zooey is less caked with make up Katy Perry's beautiful but i don't like that she uses so much make up. I always never like make up i feel as if it covers up your true beauty

  • kami

    son muy parecidas O.O

  • sugapie

    katy is way preettier WAY

  • Bettie DuChemin Ellens
    Bettie DuChemin Ellens

    Katy Perry wishes she was that pretty.

  • chikymar

    oh my good my Ukrainian friend look like a nice combination of both of them and i call her zooey perry!!

  • crissy

    yes they do look alike

  • shameful priest
    shameful priest

    zooey is katy and i beat off about boys

  • abby

    i think that katy looks more like emily blunt than zooey.

  • Allison Cartwright
    Allison Cartwright

    Don't forget Emily Blunt!

  • margie

    They could seriously be twins

  • katherine

    i always thought soo tooo!!

  • nellaeissac

    OMG i always thought that katy perry acted... i thought that was her.

  • tatts09

    i love zooey deschanel but katy perry is way hotter...she looks like a real life doll..lame..but true..

  • mexicangirl

    OMG! They looks loke twins!!! they have the same eye color!!!