Celebrity Engagement Rings: Guess Who?

  • Celebrity Engagement Rings: Guess Who?
Tara Reid
Source: Splash News Online
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  • margie

    she and Matthew need to dine out on milkshakes and burgers...does she really think she looks good ? i don't think so...

  • Kai

    She looks like a lollipop....

  • fredieu18

    Wow but that is awful eat something please.

  • jen

    wow !! shes a pretty girl .. wait i ment WAS!!! way to skinny someone gve this girl a cheeseBurger before she flys away when the wind picks up!! WHAT HAPPEND TO YOU TARA REID

  • jerseydevil43

    this is just scary, someone, quick, give her a sandwich!

  • DMD

    Her head is too big compared to her body, girl needs to eat!

  • The muse
    The muse

    Is it just me or does her head look totally disproportionate. Like a bobble head.

  • cmm

    Are you kidding me? She is fading away!

  • Scarlet

    gosh,who wants to marry this creature?!! Poor dog,i bet he's on a diet too...

  • ste88

    wow.dont get me wrong, i like tara but oh man is she skinny. theres skinny but this over passed it. she looks like a bobble head..

  • hmm..

    HER HEAD IS HUGE! Or is it just her body that's small?

  • k

    OMG it's Skeletor!

  • Karlene D G's
    Karlene D G's

    This girl is wasting away before our very eyes and noone thinks to step in and say EAT A HAMBURGER! Jokes aside, she needs help......again.

  • msvegas2005

    why does she think she looks good,shes clueless and hungry poor thing

  • Tara Fowers Solorio
    Tara Fowers Solorio

    Agreed! She looks terrible. I feel like buying her a big ol' greasy hamburger!

  • Cindy Viviana Perez Garcia
    Cindy Viviana Perez Garcia

    god! she look awfull!!!! she needs to go back to food NOW!

  • Melody Bezzeard
    Melody Bezzeard

    wow....she really needs to eat something....shes too skinny...