Celebrity Engagement Rings: Guess Who?

  • Celebrity Engagement Rings: Guess Who?
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  • Emily Raquel Shelton
    Emily Raquel Shelton

    Kelly Clarkson?

  • Lindsay Bane
    Lindsay Bane

    it seems like most celebrity marriages don't last so it's inevitable that at least part of these are from marriages that didn't last

  • Kalen

    unfournately, not everything lasts forever. it's not like they get married and plan on getting divorced, sometimes things just fall apart. At the time they would've been in love and everything would seem dream like but over time, things try to tear you apart, and sadly in some cases they do.

  • darkbutterfly

    True that, why do people get married and then not even a year or so later their divorced?? sucks to be them

  • Jackie

    a lot of these people are divorced. this is a shitty slide show.

  • dora judge
    dora judge

    ashlee simpson