Celebrity Engagement Rings: Guess Who?

  • Celebrity Engagement Rings: Guess Who?
Jennifer Lopez
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  • Jenni Elisabeth Rocha
    Jenni Elisabeth Rocha

    Divorced?! She never married Ben Affleck.

  • Lindsay Bane
    Lindsay Bane

    which husband is this one from?

  • Brittany Pickett
    Brittany Pickett

    I thought it was some old celebrity her hand looked 60

  • Kalen

    and ?

  • Amanda-lee Jennings
    Amanda-lee Jennings

    such a beauitful ladie with out this much make up !!! a little to much i think !!!

  • Lollipop

    she must have a collection of these.

  • Melody Bezzeard
    Melody Bezzeard

    they are divorced now....

  • kate

    wow - that's a lot of bronzer