Celebrity Nude Pregnancy Covers

  • Celebrity Nude Pregnancy Covers
Jessica Simpson on ELLE magazine's April 2012 cover.
Source: ELLE
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  • megan

    You're right tinkerbelle22. If she's going to pose like that she needs to be in way better shape. Doesn't look like she's worked out in a long time and probably wouldn't anyway. I mean, look at her arms!! Yikes!! Get some tone woman!! She does look horrible but of course there will always be people out there that love that. LOL.

  • JD

    She looks a million times better than Demi. And I'm a guy so I would know!

  • Tinkerbelle22

    She is right she looks like a blob....I have no idea why she would subject herself to this. I love pregnant women but to pose nude for a picture you nee to look like Demi. It's called working out. Sorry Jessica you look horrible!

  • justaguy

    How does that make me sick? Most guys would do that to her...they just don't tell everyone about it.

  • Sandy

    She looks beatiful and I think shes going to have a baby girl!!

  • cynthia


  • Ruby

    She looks beautiful!

  • jgalllant

    No ur normal

  • Jodi Nuckols
    Jodi Nuckols

    Ur sick

  • justaguy

    The thought of titty banging her gets me so hard.


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