Selena Gomez 's Rider

  • Selena Gomez 's Rider
All Selena needs are a few Cliff Bars to get her going before she gets on stage.(info from: The Smoking Gun)
Source: Fame Pictures
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  • barbi

    love her! she is really sweet !

  • danielleakame

    oh ^ there is some anger in this picture comment space. i think that cliff bars are normal? whats the big deal. not like she requests baby seal cliff bars from northern alaska

  • Micah

    You Spell it right,It's Jealous. Thank you very much.

  • brightonrocks

    omg u basically just told every one that ur jelous of her cus of the guys shes been with your so stupid minas barbie spelt jelous right you spelt it wrong ur just hating on her cus shes got a great career and life and ur life sucks

  • christiana

    hahahaha ,you're soo stupid 1.i'm not jeaulous,and spell jeaulous good please 2.her character is very very bad,she shows herself diffrent than she is 3.she goes with famous boys because she would self to be more and more famous,first she was with nick jonas,when he was very popular,then with taylor lautner,he was very popular too en now with justin bieber?? 3.I know this is selena gomez,if it was Miley Cyrus,I say never bad things about Miley because Miley is a way better than this bitch 4.i hate her because she can't act,sing or dance,she can nothing!

  • javi

    another hater i guess you are single because some one who thinks like that must be alone all the time. if i were you i go out more.

  • Janey

    this is SELENA GOMEZ, not miley cyrus...

  • Minas Barbie
    Minas Barbie

    pour girl.. why you are so jelous! she's not a slut, she never go naked, or showing things that she doest need to show.. she is a great role model

  • christiana

    ugh,she is ugly and she can't sing!!! she is a slut,and a hoe and an evil,BITCH GOMEZ xD LOL