Laura Prepon: Celebrity Scientologists

  • Laura Prepon: Celebrity Scientologists
‘That 70s Show’ star Laura Prepon stated she was a Scientologist in an interview with Women’s Health in 2007.
Source: WENN Photos
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  • eab2

    Laura was dating Christopher Masterson (from malcolm In The Middle) and bnoth he & his brother Danny are Scientologists. I don't think Laura ever officially joines, she was pretty much forced/coerced because of her boyfriend. Like all good cults (think Mormons, evangelical Christians, Jehovah Witnesses etc) members are supposed to bring new blood into the fold. The richer they are, the better. I've read that laura no longer participates since she & Christopher split up, but who knows.

  • gruber

    I can slander God if I feel like it. That's the great thing about not believing fairy tales. You see, I have grown up and no longer believe everything I'm told. It's called thinking and reasoning. More people should try it, maybe we wouldn't have so much hate in this world. I won't be dismissive by saying "case closed, goodbye", because. I never said I believed in aliens either, it was an example. You need to learn English.

  • MIMI.x

    oi, you may be an atheist, but dont you dare slander God and other religions. atleast when it comes to God, his commandments and all the passages written in the bible are realistic and lovely, Scientology for 100% is a bunch of fairy stories, its not a religion, its a cult, a big prison that you feel trapped inside of. atleast with God, its not a cult, God is a good man who has helped alot of people through so much, what have these aliens done? nothing. EXACTLY. case closed, goodbye,

  • gruber

    So don't then. Who gives a shit what book of fairy tales they believe? It doesn't impact you at all. If little green men came down tomorrow and they heard of all the religions people believe in, they'd think we're pathetic, because we are. Scientology is no better or worse than Christianity or any other made up religion.

  • Jimmy Rustler
    Jimmy Rustler

    I don't want to live on this planet anymore :(

  • Kimberely-Jay.

    :O NO, NOT LAURA PREPON!! love her.. well, LOVED her.