Celebrity Surgery Confessions

  • Celebrity Surgery Confessions
Tila Tequila admitted to having breast implants.
Source: Getty Images
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  • Alex Larsen
    Alex Larsen

    Wow, she had breast implants?! You're kidding, right? They look so...natural... *cough cough*

  • Penelope

    Maybe she would look actually pretty if she didn't dress like a slut. I mean it looks like she is begging to be raped.

  • bluetiful

    Yes, she's very pretty, but very trashy. I shall call her "Tila TACKila"

  • danielleakame

    she looks like those bratz dolls. and gee no shit, you're telling me that those are fake....get outa hereeee

  • dora shabazz
    dora shabazz

    her make-up and eyes do look pretty

  • wow

    OMG, I know right!! I won't even comment on what you just said. Lmfao.

  • Stiffler

    No shit? Really? She had beast implants? Don't think she actually has to admit to that one, it's kinda obvious.

  • courtneybaaaby

    shes so beautiful!