Celebrity Tattoos: Guess Who?

  • Celebrity Tattoos: Guess Who?
Which actress does this foot tattoo belong to?
Celebrity Tattoos: Guess Who?
Source: Getty Images
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  • Lola Pink
    Lola Pink

    It says "asalia aridio" wich means nothing in any language... poor thang... She really must think she has some important msg on her foot :(

  • maria

    it says ''i want to ask her'' but it is spelt wrong.

  • Sinkhole

    It says "prescription for orthopedic shoes to address spinal curvature"

  • Nora

    Ohhhh! I thought it was Persian for a second because I couldn't understand it! Haha

  • miss mehru
    miss mehru

    uglyy foot :D

  • Hagar B.
    Hagar B.

    Her tattoo says "I want to ask her" in Arabic, but it's misspelled and messy in a way, it's not proper Arabic

  • Pratima Thapa Mongar
    Pratima Thapa Mongar

    wooooo.... i neva it wud be her..... ugly feet

  • wiliene Duval
    wiliene Duval

    hi ! i think this tatoo belongs to Fantasia

  • Tasha

    is there anyway to find out who it is

  • Blake Dale
    Blake Dale

    what is the feet writing Sincerely Steven Sales Department, Panamashoes Incorporated Co.,Ltd Website: http://www.panamashoesonline.com

  • mmm

    in arabic arena ask hier

  • Jennifersu Chen
    Jennifersu Chen

    so cool

  • sona

    zoe saldana

  • Nihad

    she has a tattoo written in arabic language how sweet is that