Celebrity Tattoos: Guess Who?

  • Celebrity Tattoos: Guess Who?
Katy Perry.
Celebrity Tattoos: Guess Who?
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  • Alyssa

    It's fake dude. Read the comments before you go on a rampage...

  • ali perry
    ali perry

    a) learn some respect, she's accomplished more than you ever could. b) it's fake. Learn how to read. c) if you haven't got anything nice to say, say nothing at all.

  • Tony j
    Tony j

    What a stupid dumb-a$$!!.......she better learn how to spell first before making something permanent like a "tattoo" on her body!....anyway, I would tap that sexy eyes, misspelled tattoo name, perfect ass, fat camel-toed Katy Perry any day!!!!!

  • courtneybaaaby

    fuck she looks ugly.

  • kallie

    whats up with her face? she looks like a chipmunk

  • raquel

    she purposely misspelled his name...

  • reena

    I feel tempted to smack her hand for some reason just her hand??

  • Stink

    I feel tempted to smack her hand for some reason

  • Snoot

    I was gonna SAY!!!! If she's going to pay homage to someone as awesome as Josh Groban, she should have spelled his name right.

  • Valerie

    and it is spelled wrong

  • Dav

    Yeah, it's not real. It was a joke because she didn't want to show her real ink.