Celebrity Tattoos: Guess Who?

  • Celebrity Tattoos: Guess Who?
Sylvester Stallone.
Celebrity Tattoos: Guess Who?
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  • ******

    frightening is an understatement...

  • Lori Slagathor Christensen
    Lori Slagathor Christensen

    If it is a real tattoo, that would be some amazing portrait art. Love the colors, and colored portraits are very iffy unless you go to an amazing tattoo artist that specializes in them. If it's just fake for a movie, then it's still a really nice piece.

  • guest

    Wouldn't a picture suffice? It would be weird seeing a tattooed photo of yourself on your spouse every day. And wtf did he do to his face...start using his mother's plastic surgeon?

  • guest

    He has two sons with his first wife. One son is autistic.

  • Isa

    It is not a real tattoo, it was just for a movie.

  • lish

    these are his kids with his latest wife! why would he have his son on her pic?

  • lish

    whats adrain u mean adrian?lmao

  • sal the fish
    sal the fish

    It`s Adraiiinnnnnnn !

  • Jane Austen
    Jane Austen

    His daughters? What about his son?

  • missusK

    its of his wife, and the roses are for his 3 daughters - all their middle names are rose.

  • Shoshiee

    Who is that even supposed to be? I am not up on my Sly info.

  • jojojo

    tatoo looks like nataly portman twitter.com/jojo_mayne

  • anonymous

    that looks like a tattoo of Tara Reid.....

  • Stacy Saunders
    Stacy Saunders

    that is frightening