Celebrity Tattoos: Guess Who?

  • Celebrity Tattoos: Guess Who?
It's 'New Year's Eve' star Zac Efron!
Celebrity Tattoos: Guess Who?
Source: Getty Images
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  • Felicia Guynes
  • Sally

    Umm duh hello you only live once - what did you think before that you lived twice or something?? its just another fad and irrelevant "life motto"!

  • Petra C.
    Petra C.

    lamest tattoo I've ever seen

  • YEPP

    Are you mentally retarded?

  • Collette Ojeda
    Collette Ojeda

    What an idiot. The YOLO is such a mega fad. What a douche!

  • julie

    it means YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE, it isnt stupid.

  • Teri Michele Blanchard
    Teri Michele Blanchard

    ok the word yolo is stupid but when u have money i guess u dont think about what kinda tattoo u want hahahah just saying

  • MaryBeth

    Whats really stupid is the way he's posing in this picture!!! He looks like an Asian guy who's about to bow.... oh and yes those are the TINIEST hands I've ever seen on a man.

  • Carmen Lidia
    Carmen Lidia

    That Tattoo looks incredible,

  • blahblahandiknowit

    lol tiny hands

  • meme

    That tattoo is sooo stupid