Celebrity Wardrobes: Carly Jacks from 'General-Hospital'

  • Celebrity Wardrobes: Carly Jacks from 'General-Hospital'
Tracey P says "Carly Jacks from 'General-Hospital'"
Source: ABC
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  • melk

    Pls let me know the designer and where u can purchase the black & white pants outfit she was wearing on 6/28/13 episode of GH.

  • carrielee10

    I want to know where Carly Jacks got the black and white pants outfit she wore on 6/28/13 in the GH episode.

  • Kristen Smith
    Kristen Smith

    i want to know shere she got the white blouse in the picture and where to get the red sheer shirt she wore on 10/01/12 in the gh episode.