Celebrity Weight Loss

  • Celebrity Weight Loss
Grammy winner Adele showed off a slimmer figure and lighter 'do at the award show in LA on February 12, 2012.
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  • Leo

    Beautiful girl voice personality! reminds me so much of my ex miss her! ..her only flaw is that she smokes! that what she needs to work on quitting before it damages her voice and more important her health!

  • Kiki

    True. Weight does not reflect who the person is. Adele is still the British diva with the giga-powered sound. (so now you see that I'm on her side ;-) But I have to say... She didn't even lose that much weight!!!!!!

  • Misty

    Are you serious dick face?

  • Caitlin

    Adele is a beautiful person inside and out. I think as long as she is happy it should not matter if she is a size 2 or 22. Not everyone in Hollywood needs to be a stick figure. Adele just needs to be healthy that is all anyone can do. I am glad that she is a thick girl, she looks like a real person unlike almost everyone else in Hollywood. Adele don't feel pressured to be anything that you are not. <3

  • Breathe Cat
    Breathe Cat

    yep she is beautiful but she is still fat..no excuse for it.

  • kc

    No matter what Adele's size is, she's still beautiful.