Celebs React to Whitney Houston's Death on Twitter

  • Celebs React to Whitney Houston's Death on Twitter
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  • Ameryl St. George
    Ameryl St. George

    when are we going to realize that LIFE is painful, full of challenges and change. We are a society bent on not dealing with LIFE without a drug, including the worse drug-alcohol!!!!! Alcohol kills more people than any drug, yet we exalt alcohol as if it were cotton candy. Who else has to die. We are not tired of it yet. Drug use destroys families, businesses, neighborhoods, marriages, parenting, etc. The list goes on. America is the enabler. Not just some of Whitney's friends and some family members Our romance with not dealing with pain or problems needs to stop. It is killing us.

  • Cindy Metcalf
    Cindy Metcalf

    I have always been a fan of whitney and she will be greatly missed but never forgotten ..... luv you whitney,