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Avril Lavigne
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  • Gia

    yes i knew it, she hasn't changed.. much :-)

  • vanablizz

    she's a cute girl in both photos

  • abc123

    so pretty

  • Maddie

    Me too! :) i <333333 her!


    Shes fat inside.

  • Arlette

    She has the cutest smile, I love it! :D

  • MarthiZzh Marthiux Rodriguez
    MarthiZzh Marthiux Rodriguez

    just because avril didn't have all that make up on and had glasses and stuff doesn't mean she was insecure, I know lots of people who were glasses and are totally outgoing. Don't judge people based on their appearance, looks like you have some issues

  • MiikaeLa Cruz
    MiikaeLa Cruz

    She is the best lml♥

  • tash.0

    Yes! i guessed one right!

  • guest17

    this isn't a pimle between her eyes, i think it's a birthmark, because she has it ALWAYS

  • Travis Kernaghan
    Travis Kernaghan

    She has changed dramatically! I barely recognised her!

  • Sarah Thomas
    Sarah Thomas

    I friggin love how people put negative comments to get a rise out of people and then people just get all dramatic and take it a step further defending the stars and whatnot you guys are so dumb everyone is allowed their opinion lmao suck it up and move on geez. It's like you purposely read all the comments to find the mean ones so you can be like "oh hell no! I'm gonna set that person straight." Like they care gah!

  • Eleni Anne Nissan
    Eleni Anne Nissan

    omg i wouldve never guest

  • Do you know the muffin man?
    Do you know the muffin man?

    She has a great smile! This is one of the prettiest pictures of her i've ever seen

  • Someone

    She doesn't look all that pretty without her makeup!

  • Carline

    This photo looks so fake. Avril could be so much prettier just like in hat elder photo, showing her natural features.

  • Sam

    wow she looks way better now

  • jessie

    Just one thing... whos to say shes fat when you have 'fat' in your name or at least the name your passing off. Think first.

  • Christie Britton-Young
    Christie Britton-Young

    She is shit! No one remembers that during an award show that she didn't know who David Bowie was......she says she punk and has all these infulences, Bitch please!

  • celebluver101

    I love her red streeck :) So Pretty

  • Iago

    Avril Lavigne ♥

  • ilovekardashians

    the only difference is her hair! :p don't u think ? (:

  • taylor

    arvil lavigne is a pop hip hop rocker kina singer like a reble she has also been in her fare share of movies inclouding alice in wonderland(2010) bruce almighty (2003) amercian wedding (2003)and sweet home albama (2002) she has also been in a couple other things beside her many cds ands songs she has made and created so you think you can dance the tv series that was in 2008 she was alos with the other tv series dancing with the stars 2007 she was also in the movie tht hous bunny(2008) she was also in many other things like the spongebob movie and the movie brong it on all or nothing that was now and then and that is what she has been doing for the last couple of years

  • Amazing_Janae

    who are you to say shes a no one? what does that make you? a worthless human being who likes to talk shit about other peoples lives when your are the one jealous cause you dont reach her expectations! Yeah so just shut the fuck up!


    Her eye's are soooo dark and dreamy.........OH SHIT!!!! I JUST SCARED THE HELL OUTTA MYSELF

  • ariel the mermaid:D
    ariel the mermaid:D

    w0w!!! Sheee l00kz wAy diifferrentt!!! n0w sheee izzz aa rokker chikk iinsteaad ov aa glaassess gurl :D

  • LR

    avril is cool!

  • Bobby

    Acne Center Forehead

  • Mellisa

    Just reading your comment tells me that YOU'RE ugly! If you don't have anything nice to say don't say it! I don't see how shes ugly at all.

  • shee

    you think she's fat? holy shit. this is why our generation is doomed. because of people like you. you only say that behind your computer and not to her face because you know that's not true and you just say it to feel better about yourself. she is THIN and beautiful. but even if she were "fat" she'd still be gorgeous. and in the context you're using the word "fat" you say it like its a disgusting thing. when in fact the only "dusgusting" thing here is you and your prejudices. everyone is beautiful get of your high horse and realise how ugly you are being and please for the love of god DO NOT breed. the world does not need any more of you.

  • shee

    and who the fuck are you? how can you say she is no one when she is an amazing talented singer who is an idol to A LOT A of people. don't talk shit because YOU are no one and SHE is legend. grow up and look at all she's accomplished while you're sitting at a computer hating on her.

  • Danielle

    ah crap, shes changed

  • Anonny.

    ... Who is she? Seriously. She's no one. Her music is crap. She is crap.

  • chunky

    you gotta be kidding me! she is not no one! did you think just because she is laying low her works will disappear? she is a legend! so next time think b4 commenting nonsense freak! it just makes you look like a brainless bimbo!

  • Tavia Han
    Tavia Han

    An insecure, boring, school girl? How the fuck can you judge her just by looking at her pictures? Obviously you're a fricking hater 'cause EVERY other motherf*cking celebrity out there has make-up and is all "glammed-up". What I'm saying is YOU don't see right through SHIT, bitch!

  • lalala219

    lol finally a celebrity that i know :D (amd a good singer too) [:

  • saaa07

    she changed soo much... but in a good way :)

  • homegurl

    GAAAAH! she's so prettyyyyy

  • Brittney

    Big differance

  • shaolamander

    God, whoever writes the captions for the high school pics is sooo judgmental. :p and yes she did change a whole lot, she is really pretty now.

  • Jane,


  • LoveCrazyBeautifulLife

    I love Avril. Her songs really are good to listen to. And she's beautiful, no matter what they say

  • emma.

    why is her school photo in black and white?

  • Sunny

    Never liked her me too ...

  • Sunny

    Still not very pretty ... sorry ...

  • july2690

    cant believe it was her......hahahah she's a nerd before! but im a damned fan of her till death yeah!!!

  • Idiot girls
    Idiot girls

    Still fugly lol

  • Sammy Still
    Sammy Still

    i wish i looked like her

  • miley'sbigfan

    OHH hawt damn !

  • shauna

    Jesus!!! such a diff

  • MeehlingMommi23

    been told i look like her

  • people are idiotic
    people are idiotic

    she is sooooooo FAT :s are you serious. what the f*ck is the matter with you? do you live in the same world everyone else does. shes skinny as hell. ya f*ckin retard. shes not even close to being fat. not even a little

  • Cell

    she is sooooooo FAT :s No she's not. It's just her dress.

  • jennna

    Never liked her

  • DanielleNers

    I don't think she is cute :-|

  • Lalaine


  • pattymacias10

    I think she looks Beautiful!

  • pattymacias10

    I think she's beautiful :D

  • asndjka

    She looks creepy here. Oh my, and why celebs look thousand times cutier, when they are in school?

  • joeri

    BOOBJOB !!!!!!! for sure !!!!! sooo sad man!!!! fake titties

  • sseee

    shut the hell up ...u dont know what fat is ......u must be anarectic

  • sirine

    now is betttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttter

  • jar88

    Avril Lavigne looked better and less annoying back in the day.

  • roosiseenbaas

    still ugly

  • mrzpearson303

    [quote=Stacy Mccoy]she is so ugly. her teeth are always yellow and she looks like a vampire. .. and b4 you call me ugly, i am FAR from ugly.. unlike all the others who talk crap, i show my face.. xox... p.s. i know i'm big, but i am BEAUTIFUL..... leave her alone she's prettier than u!! pssshhh

  • Kayleeee

    Yeah and you revealed. Nice going. Wow your a real jerk arent you?

  • Phoebe Liwai A. Gregorio
    Phoebe Liwai A. Gregorio

    it is like avril in the other picutre. just remove the glasses, add extensions, change clothes and add a little make up.

  • kris

    sexy chick,,

  • Stacy Mccoy
    Stacy Mccoy

    she is so ugly. her teeth are always yellow and she looks like a vampire. .. and b4 you call me ugly, i am FAR from ugly.. unlike all the others who talk crap, i show my face.. xox... p.s. i know i'm big, but i am BEAUTIFUL.....

  • emily

    omg it looked nothing like her!

  • tinkerbell

    She doesn't even look like herself in the school pic!

  • whitney

    she changed a whole alot

  • dede

    oh sh#t...she really is avril lavigne

  • Irham dadum !
    Irham dadum !

    no .. way !!!

  • brookie~*

    avril is a legend and always will be! she is amazingly beautiful and a great pop star!

  • Halima...

    omiiidaiiiiz i just cannot beleive that AVRIL LAVINGE!!!

  • tealtear

    she has big boobs

  • Pher Gaskarth
    Pher Gaskarth

    She's f*cking GORGEOUS! :) and hahaha she's not fat >_< what ..you want her to be 5 punds? D: WHAT THE HECK?

  • Tupu L Sagiao
    Tupu L Sagiao

    omg big difference from when she was a little kid

  • Senritsu Francisco
    Senritsu Francisco

    she's prettier now...

  • winnie the pooh
    winnie the pooh

    i was right ^^ but then again, ive seen a pic of her in highschool a couple of years ago...

  • guest mcguest
    guest mcguest

    I thought you said celebrity?

  • privatebio14

    You call 120 pounds fat? Clearly, you have issues.This is what's wrong with the world. downright TRUE!!!

  • saltysalmon

    Yeah and you revealed. Nice going. dude, relax! like srzly.

  • Amazing_Jo

    i lovee this qirl!

  • SecretJBLover

    OhMyGawsh! I love A's hair!

  • Batman


  • evildick

    Its funny that my Refresh code is megan fox...Thank God for Proactiv!!!! Oh wait, there's a pimple between her eyes...

  • nab

    You call 120 pounds fat? Clearly, you have issues. This is what's wrong with the world. agree agree agree. avril is like, small

  • whitney

    WOW!!!! I really cant belivie that is her!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  • Fox Js
    Fox Js

    well i'm quite shocked. But still love her a lot. lol

  • avril sucks
    avril sucks

    i agree

  • avril sucks
    avril sucks

    I agree

  • тоби Олува
    тоби Олува

    WHOA!!!!!!!! nahun

  • mojomorrison

    she is sooooooo FAT :s no your probably a whale i hate her but ill bet your a fat slob

  • anita68

    WOW ! What a HUqe change in a good way !

  • Emma(:

    Knew it

  • Maria Isabel Peña Saldaña
    Maria Isabel Peña Saldaña

    very pretty!

  • iLoveAvriL

    I've always loved her teeth!! :D

  • XxAzaliaxX

    All right people Fat? It's called having Breasts B R E A S T S She ain't flat chested like those other b*itches Come on people Look at her damn arms, if she was FAT her arms wouldn't be that way DUUUURRRR

  • yellowpetals

    I can't even see her eyes

  • Screamo Queen
    Screamo Queen

    You call 120 pounds fat? Clearly, you have issues. This is what's wrong with the world. YOU KNOW!!!

  • Grrr im a werewolf XD
    Grrr im a werewolf XD

    um... i guess she had a lot to sing about... " girlfriend" "sk8r boi"

  • herbert

    muuuuuuch better now!

  • shawa

    she is sooooooo FAT :s hey bibi, go get some spectacles!!

  • ObsessiveJonasDisorder

    WOW!!!! hse luks really differen dude

  • tim

    this is one unattractive woman

  • al

    boy, is she trying hard to come off looking hot & glam. most times, the people who carry it off best are the ones who don't parlay the glam schtick as tho they are some ridiculously wrapped, glitzy gift sent to the world. like i said, take away all that makeup and all you get is an insecure, boring schoolgirl. i see right through it / her.

  • nicole

    she looks nothing like her yearbook photo she is soooo hot now!!! i love Avril she is awesome

  • lica

    que coisa feia,a testa dela brilha mais do que o sol

  • Farida Ehab
    Farida Ehab

    she looks ugly

  • Farida Ehab
    Farida Ehab

    she looks like the meat ew

  • Dessy

    She looks sooo much better now x]

  • Raven

    she is sooooooo FAT :s You call 120 pounds fat? Clearly, you have issues. This is what's wrong with the world.

  • fatima

    she is sooooooo FAT :s

  • danaeliz

    She looked better in the other one! Yikes Avril. I don't like her because she always talked so bad about all the other pop stars (past tense since she is no one now.)


    OMG i cant belive this!!

  • =D

    yaay,i guessed =] Yeah and you revealed. Nice going.

  • obsessedcullendisorder

    OMG!it's not like avril with the other one

  • Reeen'

    i knew It!!...She Look soo Pretty in thiis Piicturee! :D

  • raceylacey

    yaay,i guessed =]