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Pamela Anderson
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  • Rafiah Karam
    Rafiah Karam

    This is what Pam and others get at the end of the rainbow a lot egg in face from people like you I'm quite sure when you get "her age" you WON'T LOOK LIKE HER BECAUSE YOU'RE PROBABLY BEYOND UGLY NOW I BET YOU LOOK LIKE A CAMEL'S ASS. oh have you ever been featured in the centerfold of playboy? What's that you graced the cover of NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC ? You were MISS YUKLAND ONCE? STOP BRAGGING

  • pascui9

    what!? what happened with her eyebrows???

  • Souk Souk Degh Degh
    Souk Souk Degh Degh

    OMG!! she looks like an alien


    She was beautiful...she is now a product of Hollywood...she skanked herself out...sad!!!

  • bigole

    did someone shoot her in the face with a shotgun?

  • bodeen

    She looks fine! Geez cut her some slack. Her eyebrows are normal for these times ( my ex plucks the shit out of hers), lips are the same and her nose and smile are the same. Just look. (maybe lip work) but I'm finding that hard to see too. Just Sayin'

  • thetruth

    thats what plastic surgery does to you .

  • Penelope

    She used to look pretty, now she looks like a slut.

  • lana

    OMG you mean she isn't a natural blond? hahahic

  • StupidQuestions_StupidAnswers

    yh, she really is

  • Chels

    She has obviously either waxed or plucked her eyebrows off too much and thats why she has to pencil them in, NO-ONES eyebrows grow that thin, either she has taken her eyebrows completely off and just draws them in, I work in beauty therapy and I see alot of girls doing this. Shes just trailor trash, I know they say if you've got it flaunt it but theres a difference between flaunting what you've got and just being disgusting.

  • Loretta

    She was kinda pretty younger and she is just ugly now, see her without makeup. I am sure at her age I will look worse, or about the same in attractiveness; however she as a person is ugly and as a body and as a face. She starves herself so her ribs sticks out than has the 70 percent fat removed from her brain and put it in her breasts and than sucked so much dick her lips got irritated and swelled. Poor woman, was one of the first trainwrecks now followed by many. Too bad.

  • bry

    no she really isn't.

  • Sam

    omg she looked way better when she was younger, now she looks like shes on dope or crack

  • lolee

    Its all that plastic surgery she did on herself. Made her look worse.

  • PictureHappy

    That could also have to do with the fact that she has Hepatitis C. Tends to age you a little faster.

  • austin 101
    austin 101

    shes hot ofcourse dont forget shes older with kids. Look at her eyes shes gorgous

  • fredz

    Its that gigantic noggin of hers. I guess swallowing a enough jiz to fill a swimming pool swells your head immensely. She's the definition of skank.

  • Maria Cote
    Maria Cote

    a huge difference!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • aween

    she looked so different back then , she looked very cute

  • Alicia

    two words: used up

  • Tony j
    Tony j

    Pamela still can hold her own looks! But, her hot sex video with her ex-rocker husband was something to behold, she's a natural at sex, she has game, and she can perform on Q, without any direction! She should've gotten an Oscar for her oral performance, while her hubby at that time, was driving on the I-5 freeway of Calif.

  • Libbs

    plastic surgery sucks. i really dont understand why these bloody celebs have so much done

  • lola

    she hasn't had any work done, all you have to do is evaluate pictures of her from high school, immediately after high school, and now. And don't forget that people continue to grow into their faces even after the age of 25 and after having kids. People don't remain youthful looking forever idiots, grow up! she's aging, she's damn near 50 and still looking good, I doubt half of you belittling her will look half as good as she does when you're her age, that is if you make it to her age.

  • qwerts


  • LR

    tommylee had that!

  • courtneybaaaby

    so? just cause shes had surgery doesnt means shes ugly

  • hudda arab
    hudda arab

    are yu blind? she clearly had lip surgery n god knw wat else

  • Carly Nelson Caruso
    Carly Nelson Caruso

    she looked better before

  • courtneybaaaby

    shutup, shes still so beautiful!

  • numberonebitch

    Some one's a plastic surgery gunkie. Playboy 13 times? Some one's a slut too.

  • anastasia

    too much botox. she looks more beautiful when she's younger.

  • Jenna Ruud
    Jenna Ruud

    My sister went to school with her in British Columbia, Canada and said yeah she looked nothin like this back in the day.

  • Tabz Henry
    Tabz Henry

    they are her eyebrows she has just drawn over her eyebrows to make a lil bit darker in some spots she doesn't have hair growing maybe?

  • dafinni

    here comes the grandma

  • Leesa

    ha! She is so ugly now.

  • mrsattila

    Urgh! Can it go back to like it was before?

  • chiaraile

    lol she looked better in high school...

  • Evelyn Vergara
    Evelyn Vergara


  • i am girl
    i am girl


  • bfg666

    It IS you: the previous picture was in black & white, you dumbass!

  • Catrina Van Allen Yawn
    Catrina Van Allen Yawn

    She needs to go away!!

  • pip

    She was absolutely beautiful before, This just makes me really sad.

  • Harajuku Goober
    Harajuku Goober

    people find her attractive why exactly? mmm yeah, weird eyebrows...that's where it's at...


    her eyebrows are not shaved, take a closer look! yeah. if you look closer, theryre all hairy. (;

  • miley'sbigfan

    OH MOTHER ! lmaooo !

  • Jessalyn Heineck
    Jessalyn Heineck

    [quote=Kim Mills]I don't know why women think it looks good to shave off your eyebrows and pencil them in and overstuff your lips with crap. It's so fake looking and ugly. I agree WTF??? Wonder who told them that looks good ???

  • KGG

    so ugly and sad :(

  • SpartanWarrior

    The most dramatic to me is Pamela Anderson who went from cute Tom Boy to super-ugg, Zombie boy. Who would've guessed she be the most famous rod-runner since Linda Lovelace. I'll bet she made mom and dad real proud.

  • aware1

    she looks nothing like the pic. are we shure thats her??

  • jennna

    She was actually pretty huh!

  • Dnllsb

    She's so trashy :-|

  • Argle Bargle
    Argle Bargle

    Boy, did she get beat with the ugly stick.

  • Deb

    Oh dear god, someone woke the Crypt Keeper... TOO FUNNY! LOL

  • shanieceo

    She was alot cuter when she was younger

  • Clara Friedrich
    Clara Friedrich

    Oh dear god, someone woke the Crypt Keeper... ahahahahahaha

  • Michael M. Cashaw
    Michael M. Cashaw

    Oh dear god, someone woke the Crypt Keeper... lmbao!

  • kris

    she is the worst women,,i hav ever seen.god wat a waste.just hide urself somewhere.

  • spaghettylip

    guys-her face and body and hair made her famous-id be for preserving it to if it were me

  • :P

    the money knows what to do hahaha

  • whitney

    she changed alot

  • jenny

    her eyebrows are not shaved, take a closer look! yeah they are why dont you look closer

  • scotchnboats

    Oh dear god, someone woke the Crypt Keeper... hahahahahahahha!!!!

  • Charles Volcher
    Charles Volcher


  • jazzymilkchocolate

    Whatttt! That was her in high school?

  • Hmm,,

    She looked better, when she was younger. How can u ruin yourself like that?????

  • Nicole Kear
    Nicole Kear

    Ew, she looks DISGUSTING

  • Feebz

    omg! i thought it was jessica biel. it does look like her dont u think?

  • GD

    She must apply her makeup with a trowel! Why do so many women want to look like whores?

  • privatebio14

    Oh dear god, someone woke the Crypt Keeper... lol!

  • celine

    is it just me or did she NOT hav blue eyes in her ole pic?

  • belt buckles girl
    belt buckles girl

    wow she looks so different

  • chocolat_eggs

    OMG...totally surprise, she looks so different... Well I guess that's plastic surgery for ya!!

  • xxzulemaxx

    Wow, huge difference!

  • bladiebla

    fuucck, she doesn't even look a LITTLE like the picture befooreee:| wtffff. she is uglyyy

  • nini

    She was so beautiful! What a shame,now she's like a zombie cause' she made surgery

  • Guest

    she's in bad need of A NOSE JOB HER SHCNOZ TIP IS HUGE! A POINTY TIP would look better

  • Splendicaindica

    Oh dear god, someone woke the Crypt Keeper... Just so ya know ... I would FUUUUCK the hell out of that crypt keeper! And I'm sure I'm not alone. It's so sad how people enjoy the deterioration of others; well, Pamela Anderson has deteriorated pretty damn well given her age. She's a stone cold fox and I would still give at least one testacle to be with her.

  • saraturner66

    She's exactly what she wanted to b...a cold, hard, piece of plastic...or silicone? And accrilic? And Lypo SUCK tion...a fake Blonde Canadian Crypt Keeper...LOL Just kiddn u Pam...we all Love our Celeb Senior Citizens!

  • тоби Олува
    тоби Олува

    Oh dear god, someone woke the Crypt Keeper... LMFAO. I had to go back to the HS to clear my head

  • chr!zt!na102

    If her eyebrows aren't shaven, she might as well shave them off and paint some new ones--- she barely has any eyebrows at all!! LOL She is washed up, old, finished. Her time has passed and she needs botox, STAT!

  • Melanie Franky Stallone
    Melanie Franky Stallone

    oh my gosh! i'd never have guessed pam behind that photo.. :O

  • Shawna

    I recognize the before picture-it's in my school yearbook!

  • bobthebuilder

    the previous pic of her looks soo much better, she shouldn't have changed anything (or al teast not so much)...now with those eyebrows she looks like she's constanty asking a question... 'um, has anyone like seen my real face?'

  • pjluver

    my moms cousin nancy who lives in canaa went to high school with her and are still good friends!

  • Brian

    Oh my god!the school picture of her back then.looks nothing like her, now! it's called PLASTIC SURGERY!

  • gurdyxx

    oO OMG

  • Maria Isabel Peña Saldaña
    Maria Isabel Peña Saldaña

    she looks old, and her eyebrows are aweful but she's still pretty sexy and beautiful!

  • iamneki

    ZOMFG. Pamela was so pretty before.. what happened?! Natural beauty wasted. agree with ya

  • terpin

    You must be joking! C´mon, cut the crap!!

  • Karolyne Baechtold
    Karolyne Baechtold

    OMG, a big diference!

  • Bliss

    Way toooo much plastic surgery!

  • BaraXbX

    wow :DDD here is something wrong :DD

  • shawa

    wow wouldnt have guessed

  • anna

    she looks gross..eew

  • Starrlighte Bdb
    Starrlighte Bdb

    Maybe that older picture is her third cousin once removed, cause you sure don't see pamela anderson from that old pic no where in this updated one.

  • germanxxannie

    didn't know that she was so cute and pretty before... you ruined it , girl

  • jess289

    [quote=Kim Mills]I don't know why women think it looks good to shave off your eyebrows and pencil them in and overstuff your lips with crap. It's so fake looking and ugly. Did she really do that

  • jamamama

    ZOMFG. Pamela was so pretty before.. what happened?! Natural beauty wasted.

  • shady singh
    shady singh

    wtf maybe an understatement

  • maxine

    she would look soo much prettier if she hadnt use any plastic surgery. she already looks older.

  • stranger


  • nevermind

    her eyebrows are not shaved, take a closer look!

  • Kim Mills
    Kim Mills

    I don't know why women think it looks good to shave off your eyebrows and pencil them in and overstuff your lips with crap. It's so fake looking and ugly.

  • lauren

    Oh my god! the school picture of her back then. looks nothing like her, now!

  • Foamy

    Oh dear god, someone woke the Crypt Keeper...