Celebs’ Wildest Swimsuits

  • Celebs’ Wildest Swimsuits
Daughter and mom duo Brooke and Linda Hogan strut their stuff on the beach in Miami on December 4, 2010.
Source: INFDaily
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  • tsc

    she looks older then her mom gosh

  • Single Mom
    Single Mom

    The one who has the larger boobs and looks like she is slouching

  • Jenni Elisabeth Rocha
    Jenni Elisabeth Rocha

    Why do celebs wear ill fitting tops?!

  • Jenni Elisabeth Rocha
    Jenni Elisabeth Rocha

    Why do celebs wear I'll fitting tops?!

  • gruber

    No sir, she was never hot. That's Hulk Hogan and Dog the Bounty Hunter. Brah.

  • Hm.

    People that are saying Brooke's body is fat and has a gut are dumbasses. Either you just hate her so much that you'll call her fat so you'll feel better or you're seriously stupid. Her body looks great!!

  • Hulk Rules!
    Hulk Rules!

    aww 3 dogs

  • loco73

    Oh God...the horror!!! This picture has warped my fragile little mind...LOL (Cartman)

  • Sarah Flandro
    Sarah Flandro

    Why is this on the "wildest swimsuits"?? They're both wearing bikinis, big deal.

  • cw

    Brooke is beautiful. Linda needs to grow up and put on some clothes. She looks shriveled and almost like leather. All that crap she puts on her face makes her look clownish and older. Linda is an embarrassment to her kids and ex husband. I feel sorry them.

  • Dave

    or maybe her boobs are real and the mom's aren't... that does happen sometimes. or when a girl's boobs don't fill out like her mom's did.... if they're both fake, so be it. but this does happen naturally... idiots.

  • Duke Fawcett
    Duke Fawcett

    which one is the mom?

  • honestpositivity

    really her mom looks good for someone in their 50's and brooke body looks exactly the same as it did on her reality show

  • grace

    this family makes me sick. THAT IS JUST DISGUSTING. disgusting is only like 1 of the 10 million bad words you could describe that photo with. they look like old hags with extremely fake chests. how are they NOT embarrassed? and seriously, a chiwawa? they look like theyre 70 years old. gross.

  • Dr.Phil

    so you moved out of your "happy place", and into your "hater place"?.... keep movin' until you finally get back to your happy place! ... personally I love them both, although they are not a "creepy" tag team duo, I'm sure that they have embraced their femininity with both tits and getting all that they want. Their choice, not yours, to make. Judging people the way every one here is, shows the masses how lonely and insecure you really are. As long as you can point the finger away from your selves, you think that you give the appearance of self security, but it actually says the opposite. Contact our show so we can do a segment on you

  • mad_HATR

    NOT TALKING ABOUT HEIGHT, DUDE.....more later when you hit puberty


    What!?... When she was 12 or something!!!??? How could you possibly say a little girl used to be so hot..... and now this?... do you hang out in school yards? superficial child or twisted old man?...ewww!

  • K

    i can't tell who is the mother and who is the daughter....they both look like they're about 60 years old.

  • cindysthought

    Mom needs to stop trying to be like her beautiful Brooke and please put a cover up on sweetheart your age is showing lol

  • Little-bear


  • miniyure

    which one is the mother and the daughter?

  • coco

    Good god don't send her here! She'd prolly start working at the Bush Co. strip club then we'd have to see even more of the busted hoo ha!

  • jenny

    ur a hater she looks good

  • courtneybaaaby

    Hey Katherine my life is so pathetic. Everyone hates me because I'm a self-centered bully.

  • help me
    help me


  • moose indian
    moose indian

    its a man baby!

  • Ali

    I cant tell which one is which

  • coutneybaaaby

    hey zoe how are youre cankles? you went from moving van to semi in two days...

  • coutneybaaaby

    i eat mcdonalds everyday.. thats why i have to use a electric wheelchair when im working the corner

  • Zoe


  • Mike

    3 dogs...bow-wow

  • Vitsing

    Brook could stand to loose a lot of pounds in her tummy, ass and thighs.

  • Katherine

    You really are the queen of cliche arnt you? No one is insecure just not blind!

  • jlyyyy


  • Meldel MacDonald
    Meldel MacDonald

    Their boobs way too big , it does not look good .

  • darkness

    This is a case in which two is definately not better than one....fugly

  • Collette Ojeda
    Collette Ojeda

    Bleh. White trash.

  • why

    she could stuff her dog in that top

  • itssnookibaaabbyyy

    u stupid arsehole im 5'8 and my mum is 5'3

  • itssnookibaaabbyyy

    i think i would kill my mother myself if she walked around dressed like that or, even worse ,got her bellybutton pierced she looks like mutton dressed as lamb

  • Anita Creasey
    Anita Creasey

    i can't tell which is which who is the mom i'm sorry to say this but i aint saying

  • Bunnie

    those are some decent looking trannys

  • Tony j
    Tony j

    Personally, they both look good, especially Linda!...unlike some woman who's guts are protruding outward, or sagging like a burlap-bag in need of a gut-sling belt to hold their frontal slop-can belly!....at least mom & daughter don't need the belly apparatus to look good, their stomach's, I consider flat and shapely.

  • teepee

    Good God... that beast on the right needs to start dressing and looking like an older woman because she just looks silly dressed like that with her long bleached out hair and that old face underneath it.

  • lalunadawn

    Fake boobs. Like mother, like daughter.

  • pinkplaygurl28

    seriously what is wrong with you people theres nothing wrong with brooke and most people wish they looked like her mother at her age i want to see pictures of everyone leaving nasty comments maybe your just commenting on your own insecurity thats sad

  • GuEsT

    What a lucky girl, getting her genes from those two.

  • Eat shit
    Eat shit

    OMG, like ancient people that use plastic surgery and look like that fail. and poor dog. the girl in the pink look like a young wannabe. the one in the green ehh is okay better then i bet is her grandmother. the old fart (pink bikini) has a nasty stomach and both of 'em have ugly pants.

  • Francesca


  • Carly Nelson Caruso
  • courtneybaaaby

    she got hold of some mcdonalds.

  • Kim

    If I was the old one's daughter I would die of embarrassment! Seriously, mutton dressed as lamb much?


    im sorry guys,,,but the dougther looks like mother and mother looks like grand mother ....ooooooh shiiiit

  • emily

    this is kinda sad... but i think brooke is pretty! and i mean...her mom isn't really pretty but at least she has confidence! i imagine getting older being really hard on a woman

  • smarty

    seriously which one is the daughter and which is the mom

  • Stacy Peacher
    Stacy Peacher

    WOW, Brooks boobs are so big that she has to lean back to keep from toppling over, WTF??? Her gut doesn't look that great either, she better lay off the beer and other "healthy" things if she wants to keep from looking as big as her dad and as manly rough looking as her mom

  • Kettle

    bum chums

  • Anthony Viscuso Jr
    Anthony Viscuso Jr

    Looks like a double pig roast

  • livesinafairytale

    lol FLAB.

  • hmmz

    brooke doenst look so bad but that troll next to her, ewww. i hate mommy daughter matching outfits :/

  • happyplace

    Dont know who they are, but that looks bright and gaudy. And a bit trailer trashy ... a girls best weapon is to know what to cover, and leave to a guys imagination, and what to display.

  • mikayla

    if that's brooks mom imma pray 4 that gurl:(

  • neya

    for women their age, not bad don't hate ppl [:

  • Debby Sahara
    Debby Sahara

    omg....this is an example of a bad mother who letting her daughter having boob job, and the worstest thing is her boobs are bigger than her daughter....so leme..

  • DJ

    Actually, your height and build depend on both of your parents' height and build and, I mean, this is friggin' HULK HOGAN'S daughter, so what did you expect?:P

  • Angela Bn
    Angela Bn

    am not buying magazines any more, they change peoples appreances wayyyy to much. Jeez, this look bad. and they looked like they posed for the picture.lol

  • Alison


  • edi

    how is the daughter bigger than the mom!!

  • Dave Foster
    Dave Foster

    brooke used to be so hot... now this ;;

  • 12 yearold girl srfing the net
    12 yearold girl srfing the net

    god, how many plastic surgeries have they had?! they need paperbags right now it looks like they have two peoples boobs on them.

  • skunkt

    Linda is a beast. I can not get over how unattractive that old hag is. She needs to move to Alaska so she is forced to wear more clothes. I wish I would not of seen this picture, my mouth tastes of vomit now - thanks!

  • Shar Amanda Harriott
    Shar Amanda Harriott

    omg...wat happened to you body Brook? poor girl