Celebs’ Wildest Swimsuits

  • Celebs’ Wildest Swimsuits
Juliette Lewis shows off her body in Los Cabos, Mexico on November 21, 2010.
Source: Splash News Online
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  • Single Mom
    Single Mom

    she's a cool girl...if you don't know who she is just google more pics of her..at least she's not all botoxed and plastic surgeried out. He small body keeps her looking young too. (and she aint that young anymore)

  • lisacuddy

    So flat

  • Nene43

    Hey Juliett, How about cut-off jean-shorts and a tee-shirt? You're a bit too skinny for a bikini.

  • Duke Fawcett
    Duke Fawcett

    That is a dude....and an ugly one at that

  • flatchest

    Whatever. I'm flatchested too, I think she looks amazing :) Everyone who says she looks awful, anorexic blabla, go look at your own body.

  • CampGirl81

    Wheres Gilbert Grape in this photo?? love that movie and they were great together in it!! She still looks the same and that movie is old as hell!!!!!

  • Mojo

    She needs a tan

  • coutneybaaaby

    im sorry we only know to eat dicks..cause thats what we do for a living

  • Tim

    Can you post pictures of your sister?

  • BitchesBeCRAZY

    you seriously need to get off the net and go watch play house disney or summen like that and stop commenting irrelevant crap on every single pic

  • BitchesBeCRAZY

    you are so fucking stupid, she is thin how the fuck is that anorexic.

  • Amella21

    Wow, someone who is in her late 30's, obviously takes care of herself and her skin, maybe there is someone in Hollywood who actually dosen't want to fill a sterotype look, and man, this girl can act!! Love her.

  • Amella21

    what scares me is your're looking at your 10 year old sister.

  • Love.n.b.loved

    She looks beautiful!!!!!!!!! Great body!

  • meatfolly

    is she allergic to the sun?

  • Dak

    i think her boobs just went to her ass

  • darkness

    Psychosis usually keeps people thinner.

  • Marwa Al-Murisi
    Marwa Al-Murisi

    GOSH!!!! she is beautiful and ppl just becz she born without boobs doesn't mean she should plant fake balls on it ..i admire her natural look .

  • Soulcrusher

    Yes she is!

  • NIPNIPS101

    i dont think so? cause where i live ALOT of people use the phrase eat a dick or suck my dick, maybe 'lilly' is just sticking up for her?


    "lilly" and "coutneybaaaby" are the same person. on another comment "coutneybaaaby" said "eat a dick" - the very same phrase "lilly" uses! :O and isn't the timing so impeccable that whenever someone criticizes "coutneybaaaby", "lilly" just shows up to the rescue? YOU SNEAKY LITTLE THANG.

  • shut up
    shut up

    Eat a dick? LOL Wow. I would never want to have you defend me.

  • shut up
    shut up

    I love how women comment more on boob size. You must be really insecure.

  • lolorox123

    She could use a tan!

  • lilly

    what the fuck robert, you've commented on all her comments telling her to use grammar and to spell right, like seriously, theres alot more people on this site who are worse than her, so pay them out, leave her the fuck alone and go eat a dick.

  • Robert Wright
    Robert Wright

    Repeat - " grammar"

  • niamh


  • coutneybaaaby

    hold fuck she flat! my 10 year old sister has bigger tits than her.

  • Gabriela Garcez
    Gabriela Garcez

    She's flat chested, not anorexic or even too thin. She's athletic and toned. Great body.

  • Carolina

    my god shes soooo athletic! so fit, not anorexic at all! look at her muscles!!! amazing body!

  • Joe Schmoe
    Joe Schmoe

    Ummm I could go on for days with this one but to me it looks like she made that bikini out of those parking lot flags they fly over the used car lots...

  • livesinafairytale

    her boobs are kinda...not there. :\

  • CurvLvr

    Bet she's a freak!

  • cobrakai

    looks like a boy in a bikini

  • 12 yearold girl srfing the net
    12 yearold girl srfing the net

    anorexic is the word she really does look like it

  • Zachary Beaulieu
    Zachary Beaulieu