Celebs’ Wildest Swimsuits

  • Celebs’ Wildest Swimsuits
Kesha on the beach in Adelaide, Australia on March 15, 2011 in a black bikini.
Source: Pacific Coast News Online
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  • Melanie

    She is not hot she is a big ass slut ps billy bob did u kill Amanda Todd because amandas stalkers Facebook name was bill bob billy bob u must be such a fake ass u should be in jail u are nothing but a killer r.i.p. Amanda todd u will be missed pss if u idk Amanda todd go to u tube and put Amanda Todd cus this man need to go to jail

  • Melanie

    She is not hot she is a big ass slut ps billy bob did u kill Amanda Todd because amandas stalkers Facebook name was bill bob billy bob u must be such a fake ass u should be in jail u are nothing but a killer r.i.p. Amanda todd u will be missed pss if u idk Amanda todd go to u tube and put Amanda Todd cus this man need to go to jail

  • Melanie

    U bitch she is fat as hell man u stalker did u kill Amanda Todd kus amandas stalker on Facebook was named bill bob billy bob...................what now bitch

  • liz2233

    supporting a fanny ack i see!!!

  • DJ Nina
    DJ Nina

    She's not what most magazines and fitness centers call "slim," but she's glowing and looks healthy. A flattering swimsuit will definitely help.

  • Willard Van Reptile
  • shihan333


  • Jerseysmelltours

    We might say she has a body built for the radio...She is an average women in a terrible suit...Give her a break ...

  • aunnie98

    Not flattering.

  • MonkeySlut


  • MonkeySlut

    one of the worst beach bods ive seen...and yeah its worse than mine

  • Brittany Clayton
    Brittany Clayton

    Something grandma-ish about the swim suit...Kesha does have a strange body type though. I think she could gain a few pounds.

  • Desiree Hickerson
    Desiree Hickerson

    she is kesha

  • Tinkerbelle22

    Is she preggers?

  • Vanessa Scott
    Vanessa Scott

    Bathing suit for sure unflattering but lets look at her past clothing choices, who's surprised?

  • Danni Zeidan
    Danni Zeidan

    She is far from big, i think too many of you are superficial and support the idea that size 0 is appropiate when in reality its not right nor healthy! great examples u are idiots!

  • shark

    i mean the design of the swimsuit

  • shark

    dint really like it ! maybe she looks big just because how the swimsuit looks like ..

  • Randee Renee Butcher
    Randee Renee Butcher

    She couldn't have seriously thought that looked good when she put it on. It makes her body look like that of a 72 year old stripper

  • grace

    since when was kesha fat. or.... she looks like she has no figure at all

  • umad

    You defend her because you are a fatass yourself. If you were hot you would actually give some useful advice, namely hitting the gym.

  • umad

    Fat as fuck.

  • moonlady

    She is definitely not "fat". She just has no waist at all.

  • tae

    yeah, maybe thats what it is, .. her hips are very large, plus she does NOT have a waist like many of us ladies do lol .. all in all, horrid suit for HER body type .. I do not see any "rolls" on her body so there for chick is NOT "fat" : )

  • sunidayz

    I think she just picked out the wrong bathing suit. She could have found one that flattered her body more.

  • Little-bear

    My grandma looks better than her!

  • nikki

    Yes it is a part of her job. Isn't the formula to being succesful include looking good (or at least trying to)?

  • Maria Erica Christine Yabut
  • Maria Erica Christine Yabut
  • coutneybaaaby

    im sorry im a psychopath and keep saying she is fat when really im almost the size of a blue whale

  • lisa

    she is not fat but she has the body of a frumpy old woman. All she needs is a moo-moo

  • BillyBob

    She is still freakin hot!!!!!!! I love you Ke$ha!

  • Rob

    oh dear lord she is beeeyutifuulll

  • LaYla Turkstra
    LaYla Turkstra

    o god what can i say this all is soo soo rude , every woman is beautiful on her own way overweight or not .. thats no reason to judge someone , that kesha here pick the wrong swimwear doesnt mean everyone have to judge her like this .. everyone have a miss match sometimes isnt ..?? kesha looks fat beside the most of the girls out hollywood cuz they all soo tin its unreal .. i mean everyone have a opinion but if you have a lil respect you dont judge someone everyone knows kesha as that "sexy girl" out the music videos but no one knows the story behind that no one knows how kesha her life was and what her problemes were may she struggled already her hole life with overweight .., i said it once and i say it again everyone is free to have a own opnion and to think what he/she want to think but i think kesha isnt fat at all that she dont have a model body or the body from miley cyrus doesnt mean you can judge her you have to look her talents everyone have a weak side right ..?? and we all hate it to be judged on that soo think before you said something or judge -x-

  • Meredith Costa-Altomari
    Meredith Costa-Altomari

    OMG!!How old is this poor girl?

  • Nuria Ratcliff Cullen
    Nuria Ratcliff Cullen

    OMGING !!!!!! She is F A T no doubt....and the bikini awful!!!!

  • thebiggerthebetter...

    you guys are so rude. THAT IS NOT FAT. you don't even know what being over weight means. Just because a girl isn't a twig doesn't mean she's fat.. Thats the body of a woman. Marilyn Monroe wasn't stick thin and her body was embraced and called beautiful. Not all celebrities starve themselves. Who ever called her fat is P A T H E T I C.

  • aisha

    she is fat

  • Lynn Meadows
    Lynn Meadows

    i feel pretty...o so pretty

  • ssstephanie

    she is so not fat. she is wide and not toned. but fat? nope.

  • Dak

    the ones who's denying she's fat are probably fat themselves

  • chavalín

    This goes to worse

  • Coty's Wife
    Coty's Wife

    She looks so much better in her videos

  • danaabad

    That's Ke$ha? OMG! I thought she was sexy?

  • Esther Ring
    Esther Ring

    EWW...what a cow

  • wow

    she stole her grannys panties and cut holes through it

  • why

    does she have a big gut like old people

  • Amelia Nuki Hendriks
    Amelia Nuki Hendriks

    She's not fat dumb f*cks. She's just a little wider then most other women.

  • Yarz

    YES!! thats what i thought the minuit i saw this.. i was like .. Granny called--she wants her panties back :p

  • Victoria

    She used to be really fat when she was growing up (I read that somewhere) so obviously after loosing so much weight her body shape didn't really catch up idk lol

  • Sara Elizabeth Roco Cereceda
    Sara Elizabeth Roco Cereceda

    she`s not pregnant??!!! lol!!!!

  • Iako Mgvdliashvili
    Iako Mgvdliashvili

    she would look waaay better if she didn't have a bikini like pampers

  • rainbow

    you sure this is Kesha?? OMG!!!

  • melting.the.moon

    SUPER stereotypical of you. Not all celebs have to work out, it's not part of her job.

  • jaze

    her music made me think she was hot...........damn...now i know how she looks.....

  • Estefania Torres Amaya
    Estefania Torres Amaya


  • :O

    wow fat :O

  • dskhfr

    GHIAAAAAAAAAAAK!!! waht is this?

  • chris Hampton
    chris Hampton

    Wow That's A Very Beutiful Bikini I Really Like It Very Much and It Really Turns me On and I Think It MAkes You More Beautiful and Pretty as well And Keash I Think You are The Prettyiest Woman In A Very Cute Bikini I Love IT Very Much And I Think It Makes Her A Lot Prettyier as All Other Girls In Bikinis

  • coutneybaaaby

    everyone who says shes not fat is in denial, she is so fucken FAT.

  • Stacy Peacher
    Stacy Peacher

    Wow, this suit is hidious. It makes her look like she has really saggy boobs

  • Iscis

    aren't those granny panties??

  • nikki

    That's pretty much impossible. Think for a minute, she's a celeb. Mabye she has bad tase for swimsuits but she must be fit, that's a part of her job. She probably does some workouts, right? Personaly, I think it's photoshop.

  • april

    poor girl,she looks like a 60 year old woman :S god,have mercy of her. jajaja

  • joyce

    she looks like ke$ha

  • hmmz

    just really outta shape

  • KandyKotton


  • nikki

    she's not fat she fluffy:)

  • Nikki


  • K

    I don't think she's fat, but she's not toned and doesn't appear to have a waist. Completely unflattering suit. Horrible actually.

  • lalaal

    omg so fat