Celebs’ Wildest Swimsuits

  • Celebs’ Wildest Swimsuits
Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi poses for a Rolling Stone cover shoot in Seaside Heights, New Jersey on June 24, 2010.
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  • Grace Diana Lim
    Grace Diana Lim

    I'm sorry but you're the one who's ignorant.

  • G. William Holt (Son of Anarchy 59)
    G. William Holt (Son of Anarchy 59)

    Love the outfit Smookie. You look hot!!! It's me, Son of Anarchy 59. Great Photo. Let me invite you to one of the greatest tailgate parties ever imagined. I’m talking about an event to be held in Dyersburg, Tennessee on the 4th of July. Let’s Tailgate USA (my company) will present, July 4th, the 2012 Preseason Pre-Kickoff Tailgate Extravaganza. There will be plenty of BBQ, Chicken, Pizza and more available. Beer and Cold Drinks. The gate price is $45. You can bring your own tailgate gear or use ours. BBQ it yourself or purchase it from our chuck-wagon. 3500 spaces available now. Call Crystal for info and to book a reservation. 731-882-2847. Everyone is welcome and we would love to have attend. There will be plenty of events. Cheerleaders and more.

  • RockStarBelle

    She has a degree for Veternary Technician.

  • Tinkerbelle22


  • Tinkerbelle22

    I rock 3 different freaks after every show!

  • Nicole

    stupid chilean, go back to the jungle bitch

  • B

    lol, ignorant much?

  • S.

    all you guys commenting are whats making her famous, hating or not you're still talking about her

  • Lacey Lynn
    Lacey Lynn

    honestly i think she looks cute, her smokey eyes and big straight hair go great with this bright & bold suit, i like it :)

  • Love.n.b.loved

    Snooki is a human being, and like every human being, she is beautiful in her own way

  • Julianna Arevalos
    Julianna Arevalos

    OMG Why would u comment if ur gunna put some thing mean/rude i hate when people do that go get a life! -___-

  • its too funny
    its too funny

    lmao! the funny thing is that all of the people criticizing Snooki and questioning why she's famous at all fail to realize they're the ones making her famous (or at least contributing to the fact)...She's famous because despite whether people like her or not, she still gets their attention...whether it's positive or negative. Publicity is publicity no matter what form...

  • Francesca


  • Francesca

    omg i've gone blinde! so fast so soon all because of fat snookie

  • Michael William
    Michael William

    she needs a paper bag over her head, body not much better either, famous for nothing

  • Iscis

    UMMMM...don't you need a body to wear that? and I don't recall seeing Umpaloompas wearing bathing suits in the chocolate factory.

  • Jake Bluez
    Jake Bluez

    She's famous and rich because so many losers without lives of their own watch her on tv so they can experience life vicariously. Just turn it off and read a book. Do anything except watch the sh@tbox tv.

  • asdfghjklove

    i agree. she's not educated. but she can be a stripper. :P

  • Rach

    I'm with you! WHY IS SHE FAMOUS!? omg NASTY

  • polina

    She has n talent, no education, she cant write, the book she wrote is stupid and makes no sense, maybe I should join some reality show maybe ill become famous fot doing nothing but drinking and acting stupid, if thats what they call talent then I'm down lol!

  • taydog

    DAMN NICE!!!!