Celebrities Without Makeup

  • Celebrities Without Makeup
Selena Gomez without makeup.
Source: Bauer Griffin Online
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  • person

    I never understood why it is a requirement to pretend that celebrities somehow look better than everyone else. The simple truth is that you can take a walk down the street and find women more attractive than most celebrities.

  • kim

    now i believe that she is 1992 born....still pretty...you go girl

  • alma

    ahhh, victiria, victoria....idk you but, you are ugly for so much hate in someone you have never met....sad victoria...

  • mariam_soud

    i think selena look pretty with out or on make up. i love her

  • victoria

    Selena Gomez is so freaking ugly with her weird scrunched up chubby face. And look at those bags. I guess anybody can be called attractive now days. I feel bad that the good looking Justin Bieber has to pretend to like her for extra publicity. Half of you commenting are better looking than her. But Bieber's not alone years before Nick Jonas and that not so good looking Taylor Lautner had to pretend too. Back when the Jonas Brothers were big and she just began Disney they split Miley Cyrus up with him to be Selena Gomez but she sucks. Then when Twilight became big Taylor Lautner was becoming known their managers told them to be a couple too. An now Bieber's big in the teen scene and did you notice they did not officially set up Gomez and Bieber as a couple to the public and admit it even though it's a big lie until just about the whole world knew that he was making a movie and after the purple carpet premier Gomez and Bieber had set up publicity press and photos everywhere and each of their fans and twitter followers grew. But like always Selena Gomez will end up a nothing and be tossed around to another person who hardly cares to have anything to do with her. Seriously this girl can't do anything or get recognition with people thinking about another higher titled tag along.

  • fuckuMichaelBAY

    looks like a child lol but yeah she's naturally pretty. LOoks the same with or without make up she's gorgeous

  • anonymous

    Beauty is an illusion, so is perfection. Don't fall for it too much. Selena is a person. Nuff said. No beauty. Not perfect. Same goes for everyone. We're all the same, inside and out.

  • shawty

    okaii.. with make up she is perfect. without make up she look just like average girl. maybe if she but smile,she would look above average. and i dont support jelena but she is beuatiful girl. i cant denied it :)

  • yolo

    you have got to be kidding me.. she is absolute perfection with or without make-up. you are clearly blind if you can't see her natural beauty.

  • Alli

    LOL i just spat my drink out reading that

  • Irina

    pff she looks way better WITH make up

  • Isabella Bovero
    Isabella Bovero

    She's not the 'average woman', she's so pretty ugh sdflsdk

  • lucas

    selena gomez es hermosa con o sin maquillage es talentosa presiosa encantadora y muy amable a mi no me importa como se bea pero mis ojos la ven muy hermosa tengo 11 años y tkm selena

  • erica

    she looks the exact same lol even the pissed off look can't mask it.

  • selena

    she is really pretty everyone is pretty even without make up

  • dest

    lea michele has makeup on...

  • Ann

    Gorgeous? It means any woman is gorgeous because that;s how women look like in real life. Include yourself in it :-)

  • ilovekardashians44

    She still looks pretty!

  • Ara

    She looks so cute and cute cute cute. i love this girl she is so baby faced xoxoxo

  • ssstephanie

    ha, she looks so cute when she's pissed!

  • dev

    Someone pissed in her Cheerios this morning?

  • Jen

    She looks like she just received detention. :P

  • Jessica Babylynn Hang
    Jessica Babylynn Hang

    AGREE! She still looks pretty =)

  • thehighstreetcrush

    She is really beautiful, makeup can't disguise that.

  • Brooke

    Gorgeous with and without the make up

  • rasha

    baby face yeah..still looking gd ..she looks like she just wake up lol

  • Menisha Bonelli
    Menisha Bonelli

    Selena Gomez looks like an angry 12 year old in this picture. She's VERY baby-faced.

  • L

    she always looks nice with or without make-up. She baisicly looks the same. Team Jelena!!!

  • Sophie

    Shes Still Beautiful ♥

  • Minas Barbie
    Minas Barbie

    she look pretty.. she is beautiful, with or without make up (Y) lol i love his face hahaha is like she is angry haha love it

  • stiffler

    She looks pretty much the same.