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Jennifer Hudson seen in Beverly Hills, California on April 14, 2011 going au naturel.
Source: AKM Images
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  • karina

    I was looking at her boobs as well. I feel bad for even saying that.

  • Jashan

    cupcake8million Posted on congrats- your lniivg my dream since you won't see your family/ friends for a long tie you could go cheesy- wish you were here or on the trail again or Where in the world is (your name)? Best of luck!

  • Sierra

    You realize that you yourself aren;t even that pretty, right? I don;t see how anyone can stand to be around you. YOU hAVE COMMENTED ON ALL OF THESE WITH ONLY SOMETHING NEGATIVE TO SAY.

  • sarah

    What a gorgeous smile! She seems like a beautiful person inside.

  • Ann

    Saggy boobs are never pretty. With or without makeup. Not suggesting a boob job, but cover up wouldn't hurt anyone. There is nothing to see in there....

  • Ann


  • Cleide R Silva
    Cleide R Silva

    We know she lost weight and feels happy about and wants to show up, but, does she really need to show that much cleavage? those boobs don't look healthy...

  • Asiah Hamid
    Asiah Hamid

    I have a big head like hers too, it's genetics, it's not because we are too slim. :)

  • Jessica Babylynn Hang
    Jessica Babylynn Hang

    very pretty

  • rasha

    ur right,.,

  • Yikes!

    Head too big...boobs too droopy. Just sayin...

  • Menisha Bonelli
    Menisha Bonelli

    1. I think she lost a bit too much weight. Every picture I see of her her head looks huge. People, let us remember, thin DOES NOT look good on everyone. 2. I dont think she's very pretty either. An 8 when she looks her VERY best. Just my opinion.

  • staystrong

    i know she feels really happy/sexy about her new body and she deserves it

  • sexy

    wow she look great